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Plant Reproduction, Diversity & Evolution
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Plant Reproduction, Diversity & Evolution

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New! Tomorrow's World: A Horizon Special
Item# 55726
© 2013
 50 Min.

View Video Clip
DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-0-81609-271-0

Liz Bonnin delves in to the world of invention, revealing the people and technologies set to transform all our lives. She examines the conditions that are promising to make the 21st century a gold... (more details)

New to Our Collection! The Poet of Trauma Farm: Brian Brett
Item# 56729
© 2012
 66 Min.

View Video Clip
DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-0-81609-140-9

This episode of The Green Interview features Brian Brett, a passionate and diverse award-winning Canadian novelist, critic, and poet. His latest book, Trauma Farm: A Rebel History of Rural Life , i... (more details)

Sexual and Asexual Reproduction
Item# 52383
© 2012
 16 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-61753-741-7

All forms of life, from the simple to the highly complex, possess not only the ability but the instinct to reproduce. This program gives an introduction to the basic biological concepts involved with... (more details)

The Challenger: How to Grow a Planet
Item# 52497
© 2012
 50 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-61753-328-0

Trees once dominated the planet, but grasses eventually challenged their supremacy to become Earth’s main form of plant life. In this program, Iain Stewart explains how it happened, and the impact the... (more details)

How to Grow a Planet
Item# 52494
© 2012
 150 Min.

View Video Clip
DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-61753-325-9

We may believe that humans are the most powerful evolutionary force on Earth, but it’s plants that enabled amphibians to leave the water, plants that played a part in the rise and fall of the dinosaur... (more details)

Life from Light: How to Grow a Planet
Item# 52495
© 2012
 50 Min.

View Video Clip
DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-61753-326-6

It was plants that first harnessed light from the sun to create a life-giving atmosphere, transforming a barren rock into the lush world we know today. In this program, geologist Iain Stewart journeys... (more details)

The Power of Flowers: How to Grow a Planet
Item# 52496
© 2012
 50 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-61753-327-3

What did flowering plants have to do with the evolution of primates and other mammals? In this program, geologist Iain Stewart travels to New Caledonia to discuss what made the first blooms so revolut... (more details)

Moyers & Company: The Problem with Genetically Modified Seeds
Item# 50434
© 2012
 26 Min.

View Video Clip
DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-62290-504-1

On this episode of Moyers & Company, Bill Moyers talks with scientist and philosopher Vandana Shiva, who’s become a rock star in the global battle over genetically modified seeds. These seeds—cons... (more details)

The Sensitive Skin of the Earth: Microscopic Plant Life and the Health of Our Planet
Item# 48290
© 2011
 52 Min.

View Video Clip

DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-62102-946-5

Southern Africa’s Namib Desert—at first glance, a barren and lifeless setting. Looking closely at the desert floor, however, we see black and multicolored patches adorning the landscape. Regions in As... (more details)

Plant Biology: Core Concepts Video Clip Library
Item# 41918
© 2011
 87 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-61616-900-8

Making plentiful use of animation, this comprehensive video clip library of 32 two- to three-minute segments brings plant biology to life! Visual learners will particularly benefit from the intricate... (more details)

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