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The Mind Reader: Unlocking My Voice
Item# 55756
© 2013
 60 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-0-81609-288-8

In a world exclusive, Panorama follows a group of severely brain injured patients and reveals the revolutionary efforts made to help them communicate with their families and the outside world. They wi... (more details)

The Truth about Personality
Item# 55760
© 2013
 52 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-0-81609-291-8

Michael Mosley explores the latest science about how personalities are created and whether they can be changed. Despite appearances, Mosley is a pessimist who constantly frets about the future. He wan... (more details)

Yes You Can! The Story of Mickie McGraw and the Art Therapy Studio
Item# 52214
© 2012
 42 Min.

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"By creating art, a person symbolically re-creates him- or herself and begins to put the pieces back together," says Mickie McGraw, cofounder of the Art Therapy Studio, the oldest expressive-arts clin... (more details)

Rupture: Living with My Broken Brain
Item# 55263
© 2011
 69 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-0-81609-785-2

Actress Maryam d’Abo suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage in 2007. Her near-death experience inspired this film to be made with her husband filmmaker, Hugh Hudson who witnessed her illness. Maryam leads... (more details)

Living and Breathing: Coping with LAM and Other Chronic Illnesses
Item# 52828
© 2011
 53 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-61753-879-7

Faced with a life-threatening chronic ailment, it’s natural for patients to grieve over lost health, lost joys, lost possibilities. But some people simply refuse to let illness define their lives. The... (more details)

Art Therapy: A Universal Language for Healing
Item# 52194
© 2011
 45 Min.

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When noted art therapist Judith Rubin invited her peers to submit footage of art therapy in action she received hundreds of hours of material from all over the world. This program draws from those sub... (more details)

Breakthrough: Art, Analysis, and Liberation of the Creative Spirit
Item# 52195
© 2011
 51 Min.

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Some artists fear that psychotherapy will dull their creative edge and rob them of the spirit that informs their work. But many report that analysis has allowed for a richer exploration of the inner w... (more details)

One Calm Hour
Item# 50431
© 2011
 63 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-61753-242-9

This program introduces viewers to a group of patients at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto who benefit from participating in a weekly drum circle. Linda, Nathan, and the others sp... (more details)

A Home for Maisie
Item# 44793
© 2011
 58 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-62102-131-5

Like far too many children in foster care, Maisie has suffered abuse and neglect almost all her life. She desperately wants to be adopted, but early experiences have left the 7-year-old with a vast st... (more details)

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse
Item# 41331
© 2009
 39 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-61616-698-4

According to child behavior experts, one in three people abused as a child will also use physical force on her or his own children. This edition of Primetime spotlights three primary caregivers of one... (more details)

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