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Norway: The Gender Mission
Item# 59648
© 2014
 30 Min.

DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-60057-404-7

On a remote but vitally important frontier in Norway, a ground-breaking experiment is underway aimed at erasing the gender divide in the armed forces, eliminating intimidation and abuse and encouragin... (more details)

The year 1964
Item# 58620
© 2014
 120 Min.

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1964 is the year the Beatles come to America, Cassius Clay becomes Muhammad Ali, and three civil rights workers are murdered in Mississippi. It is the year when Berkeley students rise up in protest, A... (more details)

Blood Rising
Item# 60239
© 2013
 55 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-60057-409-2

Since 1994, more than 1,400 women in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, have been murdered in the 'feminocidio'. Artist Brian Maguire set out to paint portraits of some of the victims. This film, by Mark McLoughl... (more details)

Outlawed in Pakistan
Item# 58678
© 2013
 60 Min.

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When Pakistani teenager Kainat Soomro accused four men of gang rape, the courageous young woman did not put her suffering behind her. For this documentary, which premiered at Sundance, filmmakers Habi... (more details)

Honor and Obey
Item# 56166
© 2013
 28 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-0-81609-753-1

It's supposed to be one of life's happiest moments. But imagine if others at your wedding ceremony had decided who you were going to marry, where and when. Imagine being forced to marry someone you ma... (more details)

India on Trial
Item# 54295
© 2013
 28 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-0-81609-717-3

Jyoti was with her boyfriend commuting home by bus to see her family when a gang of six men attacked them both. They gang-raped the 23 year old, brutalized her with an iron bar and left her and... (more details)

India: A Dangerous Place to Be a Woman
Item# 55775
© 2013
 53 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-0-81609-306-9

In December 2012, a young medical student was brutally gang-raped on board a bus in Delhi. Horrified by the attack, 28-year-old British Asian Radha Bedi travels to India to uncover the reality of life... (more details)

Status Quo? The Unfinished Business of Feminism in Canada
Item# 58178
© 2012
 87 Min.

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In 1967 the landmark Royal Commission on the Status of Women made recommendations to address the inequalities faced by women. Now, Status Quo? zeroes in on key concerns first raised 45 years ago: viol... (more details)

Age of Extremes: History of the World
Item# 57513
© 2012
 50 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-0-81609-411-0

In this episode, the story comes up to date with the 20th century. Starting at Munich’s beer halls, we learn about Hitler’s first revolt at the Munich Putsch which resulted in his imprisonment at Land... (more details)

Burqa and the Confused Afghan
Item# 56493
© 2012
 52 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-0-81609-119-5

Through an engaging journey, Afghan-Canadian filmmaker Brishkay Ahmed unveils the origins of the mysterious burqa and exposes the burqa’s current use as a political tool, manipulating Afghan women whi... (more details)

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