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Women in Comedy: Makers: Women Who Make America (Volume 2)
Item# 60697
© 2014
 60 Min.

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Track the rise of women in the world of comedy, from 1970s sitcoms like "Maude" to the groundbreaking women of the 1980s American comedy club boom.Today, movies like "Bridesmaids" break box office rec... (more details)

Women in Hollywood: Makers: Women Who Make America (Volume 2)
Item# 60698
© 2014
 60 Min.

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Follow the women of showbiz, from the earliest pioneers to present-day power players as they influence entertainment. Hear from actress-producer-activist Jane Fonda, who at 75 is playing a sharp, sexy... (more details)

Mediterranean Women: Fighting for Their Rights
Item# 58152
© 2013
 52 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-0-81609-757-9

During Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions, women artists, lawyers, journalists, citizens and militants marched on the frontline for democracy and freedom. Together with their “sisters” in Israel, Italy... (more details)

Beauty in the Eyes of the Beheld
Item# 40721
© 2008
 54 Min.

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DVD ISBN: 978-1-61616-238-2

Society tells us that beautiful women have it all. But beauty can be as much a curse as it is a blessing. In this sensitively filmed program, eight women labeled as beautiful—two pageant winners, an e... (more details)

Sexual Stereotypes in the Media
Item# 37005
© 2008
 38 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-4213-8678-2

Categorizing others is a part of human nature, and even as infants we divide the world into two groups—male and female—to help organize our reality. But when these stereotypes are used to make assumpt... (more details)

Over the Hill: Media Impact on Women's Self-Image
Item# 43585
© 2007
 60 Min.

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DVD (Chaptered) ISBN: 978-1-61733-548-8

In this program, Sunny Bergman, a 33-year-old filmmaker, tries and largely fails to rally support for the idea that aging naturally is preferable to Botox and breast implants. Speaking with psychologi... (more details)

Sexy Inc.: A Critical Look at the Hypersexualization of Childhood
Item# 43333
© 2007
 27 Min.

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DVD ISBN: 978-1-61733-269-2

The eroticization and physical objectification that are staples of the youth-focused business/media complex give the impression that exploitative, age-inappropriate sexuality is natural, normal, and e... (more details)

The Extremes of Fashion: Women's Couture and the Media
Item# 37152
© 2006
 53 Min.

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DVD ISBN: 978-1-4213-6596-1

Fashion show runways, photo shoots, the playgrounds of the chic and stylish: this program illustrates the cycles of women's couture through the '50s, '60s, and '70s-and the portrayal of women in the m... (more details)

Sexual Stereotypes
Item# 11743
© 2001
 19 Min.

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DVD ISBN: 978-0-7365-6571-4

More than ever before, Americans are being bombarded-and acculturated-by the media, and only discerning individuals will recognize the sexual biases that all too often are a part of each day's worth o... (more details)

Images in Media
Item# 8518
© 1997
 28 Min.

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DVD ISBN: 978-0-7365-6044-3

The pictures in our heads that define who we are and help us neatly categorize others are increasingly shaped by the newspaper, magazine, film, and TV images that bombard our senses. To convey a messa... (more details)

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