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Bad Ideas: Brilliant Ideas Inherently Flawed (02:39)


Howard Hughes produced movies, designed modern hospital beds, and bought an airline. He invented airplanes and flew them. His Spruce Goose is made entirely of wood.

Bad Ideas: Space Exploration and Patents (04:50)

The Mars Curse describes a phenomenon of many expensive missions to Mars ending in failure. Mars Climate Orbiter failed to complete its mission. The United States, Burma, and Liberia are three countries that do not use the metric system.

Oddities: Popes and Laws (03:05)

The oldest pope elected was seventy nine years old. Until 2012, it was illegal to throw a football on Los Angeles beaches. It is illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon.

Oddities: Animal Facts (01:53)

Koalas are marsupials with pouches and are not related to bears. Butterflies taste with their feet and cannot fly if the temperature is below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mad Science: Frightening Discoveries (02:09)

Isaac Newton defined the law of gravity. Cardiac catheterization pushes a flexible tube through a blood vessel into the heart. Dr. Werner Forssmann tests a cardiac catheter on himself.

Mad Science: Life and Death (01:48)

Dr. Frankenstein was based on a real scientist. Sweden approved eco-friendly burials. A Russian scientist tried to create a humanzee hybrid.

Mad Science: Genetic Experiments (02:49)

Geneticists engineered a spider-goat. Scientists cloned sheep, mice, cats, pigs, deer, horses, and rats. Some cancer cells are kept alive for over sixty years. Scientists create super mice at Case Western Reserve University.

Credit: Bad Ideas, Oddities, Mad Science: On The Spot (00:34)

Credit: Bad Ideas, Oddities, Mad Science: On The Spot

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Bad Ideas, Oddities, Mad Science: On The Spot



From plane crashes in Beverly Hills and airbag underwear, to teenage popes and wild Arizona camels, to the doctor who tested catheters on himself and superhero mice.

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