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Untold History of Gladiators (01:03)


See images from Ancient Rome. A thumbs up sign from the emperor told a gladiator to finish off his opponent.

Untold History of JFK and Abraham Lincoln (02:01)

John Fitzgerald Kennedy gets sworn into office. Pavlick stops his assassination attempt. Prior to Abraham Lincoln's inauguration an attempt was made on his life; a bullet passed through his stovepipe hat.

Untold History of Slavery (03:02)

Slaves lived in cramped quarters. Henry Brown escaped slavery by mailing himself to a free state.

Untold History of World Wars, Route 66, and Roman Roads (02:42)

World War I was technically finished in October of 2010. Route 66 is a United States highway that runs from Chicago to Los Angeles. Romans used cement to build roads.

Untold History of Ancient Rome (01:43)

When Mt. Vesuvius erupted, the seaside town of Herculaneum was buried in ash. Molten lava spews out of volcanos. Monasteries at Meteora are unusual.

Untold History of Asia (02:11)

The National Stadium in Taiwan is distinctive for being solar powered. The Ganges River is holy to Hindus.

Untold History of World Wide Oddities (04:07)

Zorbing is rolling downhill in a huge plastic ball. The ocean can turn red. The Baptistery in Pisa is acoustically perfect. There is a red flashing light atop the Capitol Records building.

Oddities in Czech Republic and Circus Ring (02:17)

Sedlec Ossuary is a small Roman Catholic chapel made of skeletons. Barnum and Bailey's circus was known as, "The Greatest Show on Earth."

Credit: Untold History, Globetrotting, Oddities: On The Spot (00:33)

Credit: Untold History, Globetrotting, Oddities: On The Spot

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Untold History, Globetrotting, Oddities: On The Spot



From gladiators to an amazing escape, the world’s shortest war to its longest, to the amazing sights off Route 66, zorbing, graveyards, and a petrified giant.

Length: 21 minutes

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