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Human Skull Found (05:06)


Human remains found in a remote portion of a boy scout camp site spark an investigation into the identification of the remains.

Identifying Race, Gender, and Age From Skeletal Remains (04:48)

A forensic anthropologist identifies the human skull as belonging to a young mongoloid female. Further analysis of the pelvic bones reveals that the victim had given birth to at least two children.

Facial Reconstruction (05:11)

Anthropologists use facial reconstruction to recreate the young woman's skull. The clay bust is broadcast on television and friends suspect the victim may be Bun Chee Nyhuis.

Victim Identified (04:29)

An expert forensic anthropologist at Colorado State University uses photographic superimposition to confirm that the skull belonged to Bun Chee Nyhuis. A forensic pathologist finds evidence of blunt trauma to Bun Chee's skull.

Forensic Science Leads to the Murder Conviction of Richard Nyhuis (03:56)

Pelvic bone analysis, the mongoloid skull, forensic sculpture, and photographic superimposition were all essential elements in identifying Bun Chee Nyhuis.

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The Talking Skull: Forensic Anthropology



In this program, forensic anthropologist Dr. Michael Charney, medical examiner Dr. Mary Case, and other police experts use facial reconstruction and other forensic techniques to identify bones, clothing, and hair found in the woods as the remains of Bun Chee Nyhuis. They were also able to determine the true source of her fatal skull fracture, causing the charge against her husband of accidental death to be changed to murder. (26 minutes)

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