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Recognizing Child Abuse

Kids who grow up facing brutality and neglect are lucky if a teacher or day care provider catches on. Tragically, child abuse often goes unnoticed—and if a first responder does detect it, he or she may not understand what measures must be taken. This program spells out the four Rs of child abuse—the harsh reality of its presence in our society, the results it leads to, the many ways to recognize it, and the proper channels for reporting it. Each of these concepts is explained through eye-opening dramatizations and supported by interviews with education and child welfare experts. By following the program’s clearly illustrated steps to awareness and action, viewers will become better equipped to recognize and intervene in cases of neglect and abuse…while there’s still time to help. A viewable/printable presenter’s guide is available online. A Meridian Production. (25 minutes)

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Item#: BVL35674
Copyright date: ©2007
DVD (Chaptered) ISBN 978-1-4213-5588-7

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3-Year Streaming $89.95

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Broken Child: Case Studies of Child Abuse

Every year in the U.S., approximately one in 25 children is reported as a victim of prenatal substance abuse, criminal neglect, or physical or emotional violence, and child-protection agencies are being overwhelmed by the crisis. Filmed on location i...(more details)
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Fetal Alcohol Exposure: Changing the Future
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Battling Eating Disorders
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If I Could: Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Child Abuse-Educator's Edition
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"Families destroy themselves, so families have to heal themselves." If I Could is the heart-wrenching chronicle of Tracy Marasco, a single mother struggling to help her adolescent son James cope with severe emotional trauma resulting from abandonment...(more details)
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DVD + 3-Year Streaming $299.93
3-Year Streaming $199.95
Cutting: Addicted to Self-Injury
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DVD + 3-Year Streaming $74.93
3-Year Streaming $49.95

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