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Understanding Hepatitis

Sex, drugs, and food—only a few of the means by which hepatitis hijacks and quietly assaults the human body. This three-part series presents valuable facts about the causes of, and treatments for, the stealthy virus; it also features case studies that offer a real-world perspective on the globe-spanning disease. Pushing beyond the level of a medical primer, the series will enrich studies in substance abuse treatment, child care, restaurant training, and much more. A Films for the Humanities & Sciences Production. 3-part series, 23 minutes each.

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Item#: BVL37140
Copyright date: ©2007
DVD ISBN 978-1-4213-6485-8

The Series Includes : Understanding Hepatitis A | Understanding Hepatitis B | Understanding Hepatitis C
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DVD + 3-Year Streaming $449.78
3-Year Streaming $299.85

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