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Treating Phobias 2

This program presents four case studies involving the fear of public places, public speaking, birds and feathers, and mice. Applications of behavioral therapy, virtual reality, hypnosis, and TFT, thought field therapy, are documented. Research at the Institute of Psychiatry (London) into brain activity during moments of stress, panic, and terror is also included. Original BBCW broadcast title: Programme 2. (48 minutes)


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Animated Neuroscience and the Action of Nicotine, Cocaine, and Marijuana in the Brain
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Using sophisticated 3-D animation, this program, divided into two parts, takes viewers on a journey deep into the brain to study the effects of the three substances. The first part illustrates the major functions of the brain and shows how its princi...(more details)
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DVD + 3-Year Streaming $149.93
3-Year Streaming $99.95
Personality Disorders
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Personality disorders come in various forms and degrees of severity, including persistent, ingrained behavior patterns; extreme deviant behavior; and problems in social functioning. Histrionic disorder, anankastic disorder, anxiety disorder, and depe...(more details)
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3-Year Streaming $169.95
Depression: A Living Hell
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It makes no headlines. It does not suddenly break out in epidemics. Yet depression costs the U.S. economy $40 billion per year and is predicted to be the most pervasive disease of the 21st century. In this penetrating two-part series, noted scientist...(more details)
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DVD + 3-Year Streaming $449.85
3-Year Streaming $299.90
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: The Tyranny of Rituals
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"There are 34,000 different obsessive-compulsive disorders. Mine is just one among many others." In this program, research psychiatrist Gilbert Pinard and pediatric psychiatrist Patricia Garel talk with OCD patients about their rituals-the thoughts a...(more details)
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DVD + 3-Year Streaming $254.93
3-Year Streaming $169.95

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