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Black/White & Brown: Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka

Myths, misconceptions, and the march of time have obscured the true origins and legal details of Brown v. The Board of Education. This fascinating program connects viewers with the people, places, events, and ideas that shaped the landmark civil rights case. Interviewees include Cheryl Brown Henderson, daughter of lead plaintiff Oliver Brown; Zelma Henderson, who, until her death in 2008, was the only surviving Brown plaintiff; and the children of other plaintiffs, attorneys, and activists. Civil rights leader Roger Wilkins and other scholars provide additional expertise on the roles played by the NAACP and the U.S. Justice Department. The DVD version includes materials for further historical study of the case. (56 minutes + 32 minutes of bonus material)

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Item#: BVL40082
Copyright date: ©2004
DVD (Chaptered) ISBN 978-1-60825-147-6

DVD (Chaptered) $179.95
DVD + 3-Year Streaming $269.93
3-Year Streaming $179.95

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