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Words and Actions: Contexts and Consequences of Propaganda—from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Sandwiched between the fictional countries of Northland and Southland lies Midrain Province. Drawing upon a hypothetical situation involving mounting tensions between the Southlanders and the Midrainians, this seminar, moderated by then NYU professor Arthur Miller and filmed on location at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, explores the role of propaganda in situations where genocide is threatened and examines how the use of propaganda during the Holocaust era informs public reaction to its dissemination today. Compelling questions spark a crackling discussion with echoes of Rwanda, Bosnia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo as positions that seem clear in the abstract quickly become muddied by the reality of lives hanging in the balance. Panelists include Princeton University’s Danielle Allen; CNN’s Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour; the Honorable Irwin Cotler, M.P. and former justice minister of Canada; Michael Gerson, then a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations; Bosnian journalist Kemal Kurspahic, author of Prime Time Crime: Balkan Media in War and Peace; United States Holocaust Memorial Museum curator Steven Luckert; Westley Moore, formerly of the U.S. Department of State; Stephen Rapp, prosecutor for the Special Court for Sierra Leone; James P. Rubin, then world affairs commentator for Sky News; genocide documentarist J. B. Rutagarama; CBS News’ Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer; and Scott Straus, author of The Order of Genocide: Race, Power, and War in Rwanda. (52 minutes)

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