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The Drake Equation: The Search for Life beyond Earth

Is it possible that there are more than 10,000 advanced civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy alone? The formula known as the Drake Equation posits just that. In this program, astrophysicist and SETI Institute founder Dr. Frank Drake himself explains the science behind his seemingly outrageous claim and offers theories about why ET hasn’t been found yet. In the video’s second half, researchers assess the equation’s validity using their expertise in biophysics, astrobiology, and planetary science—and by studying the probability of life in outer space, they are expanding what is known about the start of life on Earth. In addition, Dr. Felisa Wolfe-Simon discusses her controversial “arsenic-eating bacteria,” and Dr. Jill Tarter shows program host Dallas Campbell the Allen Telescope Array, SETI’s most ambitious project yet. Produced by the Open University. (64 minutes)

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