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All About Chemical Bonding: Covalent

After a short discussion of why chemical bonding occurs, this program explains how electrons are shared in covalent compounds. Viewers learn about the VSEPR theory, the two types of weak forces of attraction between molecules, dipole interactions and dispersion forces, and covalent network solids such as diamond, graphite, and fullerenes. With the assistance of animated graphics, the video provides a concise introduction to the key elements of covalent bonding. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online. Part of the series All about Chemical Bonding. (9 minutes)

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Item#: BVL43793
Copyright date: ©2010
DVD (Chaptered) ISBN 978-1-61733-918-9

Part of the Series : All About Chemical Bonding
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3-Year Streaming $49.95

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