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The Art of Germany

Germany has produced some of the greatest artists of all time: Albrecht Durer, Caspar David Friedrich, and Joseph Beuys, to name only a few. But has the trauma of German history led us to neglect the country’s 500-year cultural legacy? Renowned critic and art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon believes a new appreciation of German art is long overdue. In this thought-provoking series, he takes a geographical and chronological journey through Teutonic culture while exploring German art’s prolonged involvement with landscape, folklore, and national identity. A BBC Production. 3-part series, 50 minutes each.

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Item#: BVL44021
Copyright date: ©2010
DVD (Chaptered) ISBN 978-1-62102-016-5

The Series Includes : A Divided Land: German Art—Early History to the Baroque Period | Dream and Machine: German Art—Romanticism to World War I | In the Shadow of Hitler: German Art—Post–World War I to the Present
DVD (Chaptered) $509.85
DVD + 3-Year Streaming $764.78
3-Year Streaming $509.85

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