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Anatomy and Physiology Video Library

The Anatomy and Physiology Video Library contains 27 video clips on human biology, muscle and skeletal systems, neuroscience, sensation, and health:

• Introduction to Biology

• History of Biology

• Endocrine System

• Circulatory System

• Heart Functions

• Blood Vessels

• Muscular System

• Major Bone Groups

• Bones and Muscles Working Together

• Musculoskeletal Performance

• Anatomy of the 100 Meters

• Brain Anatomy

• Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems

• Muscles: A Neurological Perspective

• Teen Brain

• Coming to our Senses

• The Eye

• The Sense of Smell

• How We Hear

• Sound

• Healthy Skin

• Nutrition

• Hormones

• Lymphatic System

• Your Immune System

• Melanoma


The Anatomy and Physiology Video Library is part of the complete Discovery Channel/Films for the Humanities & Sciences Science Video Library.

Correlates to National Science Education Standards. A User’s Guide is included, containing an overview; a numbered index of clips, with brief descriptions and lengths; suggested instructional strategies; and a list of additional resources. A Discovery Channel/FFH&S Production.


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Copyright date: ©2003


Not available to Home Video customers. Only available in the US and Canada.

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