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Multiple Genders: Mind and Body in Conflict

Instinctively, we say there are two sexes. But does this always reflect reality? In this program, Dr. Stephen Whittle argues that it does not. Whittle further contends that society must recognize transsexuals, like himself, and others, like Arthur and Del, who are hermaphrodites—sexual hybrids. Arthur has male and female attributes and wants to keep them in the interest of maintaining his psychic balance and identity. Del, born female, favors her male side and has written a book charting her physical transition to an "inter-sex." A theologian addresses the moral implications of multisexual orientation, while a physician and polygendered people ask: Is sex the same as gender? Are inter-sexes mistakes or part of nature? Do parents have the right to demand reconstructive surgery for their polysexual newborns? A thoughtful and measured investigation of a seldom-discussed and provocative topic. (39 minutes)


Item#: BVL7514
Copyright date: ©1997
DVD (Chaptered) ISBN 978-1-4213-3027-3

DVD (Chaptered) $149.95
DVD + 3-Year Streaming $224.93
3-Year Streaming $149.95

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The Differences Between Men and Women

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Pornography: Andrea Dworkin

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Boy or Girl? When Doctors Choose a Child's Sex
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DVD + 3-Year Streaming $149.93
3-Year Streaming $99.95
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DVD + 3-Year Streaming $224.93
3-Year Streaming $149.95

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