Films Media Group is the leading source of high-quality video and multimedia for academic, vocational and life-skills content. Films Media Group serves the education community through its four brands: Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Cambridge Educational, Meridian Education, and Shopware.

Films for the Humanities & Sciences
A Wealth of Information. A World of Ideas

As the leading provider of media for higher education, Films for the Humanities & Sciences (FFH&S) provides academic content for discerning educators working to enrich their students' understanding and stretch their intellectual horizons. Films for the Humanities & Sciences is widely recognized as the exclusive source for educational programs with the broadest and deepest range of content available.

Cambridge Educational

Educators count on Cambridge to provide outstanding media resources that support the development of the whole student, both in and out of the classroom. Cambridge programs provide a practical, accurate, and reliable foundation of knowledge that helps students think through opportunities and choices and reach their potential at school, in work, and in life.

Meridian Education

Meridian provides educational resources that are ideal for Career & Technical Education instructors dedicated to the health and service industries. Meridian's library of content provides up-to-date, skill-based educational media that thoroughly prepares students to enter and succeed in the workforce.


Skill by Skill. Step by Step.

Shopware is the leading provider of skills-based, up-to-date educational media that thoroughly addresses specific trade and industrial skills. Shopware assists career and technical education providers in preparing students to enter the workforce through the use of video, print and interactive media.