Philippines Journal: The Spirit of Togetherness

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3-Year Streaming
Philippines Journal: The Spirit of Togetherness (28:00)
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Infused with the concept of bayanihan, or “spirit of togetherness,” this program presents encouraging stories of teamwork and activism in the Philippines. It travels through Manila’s bustling Quiapo Market, where commerce thrives in many forms—in contrast to the sprawling Payatas garbage dump outside the city, where a group of mothers have transcended scavenger subsistence, creating a community center with educational and hygienic services. Efforts to preserve the ancient and spectacular Banaue rice terraces are also presented in this astonishing visual record of resourceful, cooperative, and forward-looking accomplishments. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. (28 minutes)

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Segments in this Video - (6)

1. Overview of The Philippines (03:50)
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The Philippines' rich reefs and rain forests are in stark contrast with the country's economic and social crises. The Quiapo Market teems with multiculturalism and history.

2. Smoky Mountain Garbage Dump (04:08)

Religious celebrations are part of daily living. Eighty-five percent of the population is Catholic. Natural beauty co-exists with urban decay. Whole families live and work as scavengers.

3. Women's Relief Efforts (03:27)

Conditions for those scavenging at the garbage dump are severe. A community center provides minimal education for children. Filipino spirit is strong and optimistic.

4. Palawan, The Philippines (03:48)

The coral reefs off the coast of The Philippines are among the most diverse on the planet. Cyanide and dynamite fishing have killed many reefs. Active fisheries reform protects future fisheries.

5. Palawan: Final Frontier (02:50)

Fishermen are taught to fish the "old fashioned" way with hooks and nets. Aquarium fish are caught in invisible nets. Continued livelihood in fishing villages relies on reformed fishing practices.

6. Cultural Revival (06:39)

The Banaue rice terraces of Banaue are often called the Eighth Wonder of the World. The Ifugao tribe has maintained them for 2000 years. The dedicated Ifugao revive ancient cultural traditions.

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