Taiwan: Dire Strait

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Taiwan: Dire Strait (25:00)
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A timely, unprecedented look at Taiwan’s struggle for direction, this program focuses on President Chen Shui-Bian and his sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant push for independence. The video follows Chen’s elaborate attempts to bolster alliances in the region and maintain a favorable image at home—both of which are major challenges as many countries increase ties with Beijing and Chen’s domestic opponents gain political strength. A summary of China-Taiwan relations, interviews with opposition leader Su Qi, and commentary from Taiwanese citizens complete this unsettling portrait of a nation that could, through a wrong turn, spark a global military conflict. (25 minutes)

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Segments in this Video - (7)

1. Taiwan: Democracy in Turmoil (05:13)
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Taiwan, separated from China, is a young democracy. In a time of struggle Beijing would resort to force to stop Taiwan's independence. Taiwan's President is China's Public Enemy No. 1.

2. Taiwan: National Identity (02:20)

Politically, Taiwan's government does not resemble that of China's mainland. Nearly half of Taiwan's people call themselves Taiwanese instead of Chinese.

3. Chen Shui-Bain on the Campaign Trail (01:25)

During his campaign Chen was imprisoned. In 1994 Chen became mayor of Taipei. In 2000 he was elected President. He pledged that Taiwan wouldn't declare independence.

4. Su Qi: Opposition Party (02:38)

Su Qi was chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council, the main policy body on relations with China. The military in China prepared to fight if Taiwan declared its independence.

5. President Chen in the Solomon Islands (03:08)

The Solomons are one of twenty-five nations that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Taiwan is an international diplomatic outcast.

6. President Chen in Pulau (03:20)

Chen attends the inauguration of Palau’s president. President Bush sends his regards. Chen dons a wetsuit though he cannot swim. The Taiwanese question the value of Chen's travels.

7. A Divided Taiwan (05:05)

Half the Taiwan nation sides with Chen. His re-election is marked by a mysterious shooting that gained him the sympathy vote. Su Qi asserts that the shooting was faked. Chen denies it.

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