Russia: Rebuilding a Nation

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Russia: Rebuilding a Nation (25:00)
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Although rich in oil, gas, lumber, and many other natural resources, Russia is experiencing difficulty building a free-market economy. From the heart of Moscow and nearby areas, this program investigates major challenges that Russian companies face following the breakup of the Soviet Union. Interviews with resource managers and business leaders—along with spectacular views of the Kremlin, Red Square, and historic churches—shed light on the growing pains of a seemingly young nation. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide—including geographical background information, extension activities, vocabulary handouts, and more—is available online. Correlates to National Geography Standards. (25 minutes)

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1. Russia's Natural Resources (03:38)
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Russia’s natural resources, gas, oil, gold, diamonds, and forests, are distant and difficult to extract. Most of the population lies in the west and the resources are located in the north and east.

2. Russia's Forests and Furniture Industry (03:26)

The Shatura Furniture Factory uses recycled and waste wood to produce furniture made out of chip wood covered in veneer. The government helps to regulate the economy and market.

3. Russia: Rich in Resources (02:01)

The government and private companies each control half of the natural resources, which are difficult to develop due to their remoteness and Russia’s severe climates, especially permafrost.

4. Sites of Moscow (02:31)

The Kremlin was the home of the czars and the communist regime. Lenin’s Tomb and St. Basil’s are located in Red Square. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, the people can travel more freely.

5. Russia's Political History (01:36)

The Revolution of 1917 marked the end of the czars and the birth of the U.S.S.R., a world superpower that ended in 1991. The changes in politics affect the economy and natural resources.

6. New Business Opportunities (04:35)

The fall of communism created opportunities for entrepreneurs even though investment capital is directed at larger businesses. Some companies grow quickly in Russia's new free market.

7. Small Businesses in Russia (02:01)

The Russian government helps new business owners with tax relief advantages. Foreign investors look at smaller companies now. The new mindset allows people to take chances in business.

8. Russia and the United States (03:30)

Relationships between the U.S. and Russia have also changed since 1991. The U.S. Embassy assists Russia with its economy, natural resources, and environmental issues.

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