Welcome to Warren: Inmates and Guards on Life in Prison

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Welcome to Warren: Inmates and Guards on Life in Prison (31:00)
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Most prison documentaries focus on the inmates. This sobering program features guards and prisoners alike, giving the viewer two interpretations of life at Ohio’s Warren Correctional Institution. From the smallest detail—how cellmates rig a shabby partition around their toilet—to the cynicism and frontline sociology with which the corrections officers analyze their surroundings, the video clearly elucidates the effects of prolonged monotony and confinement on the human spirit. As one officer puts it, “Eight hours a day, I’m locked up here too.” For discussions of the American criminal justice system and its dehumanizing elements, this is a strong catalyst. Opening scene contains brief nudity. (31 minutes)

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Segments in this Video - (7)

1. Correction Officers Working at Warren Correctional Institution (05:01)
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Discussing their duties at Warren Correctional Institution, officers work to maintain order among the inmates without using violence. Preferring to be called correction officers, not guards, many liken their job to that of a well-paid babysitter.

2. Rules and Infraction Board: Penalties and Segregation (03:03)

If an inmate is given a ticket then he goes before the rules and infraction board. The panel then determines guilt and penalty. Some penalties include segregation from the general population, called disciplinary control time.

3. Inmate Conditions at Warren Correctional Institution (03:45)

Some inmate living conditions include rust exposure, lack of privacy, and poor quality food. Prisoners have limited access to books and writing supplies and exercise is a main source of entertainment.

4. Impact of a Career as a Correction Officer (03:01)

Corrections officers analyze the impact of their surroundings, which have a lasting effect on their personalities. Guards try to keep their home and work lives separate, despite high levels of stress they encounter on a daily basis.

5. Protective Custody and Residential Treatment at Warren Correctional Institution (03:54)

Some inmates, such as convicted child molesters, are separated from general population when threatened by other prisoners or officers. Inmates with mental problems may be treated with medication and psychological rehabilitation.

6. Merit Pod: Earned Privileges (02:37)

In the merit pod inmates who stay out of trouble earn additional privileges, such as showering when they feel like it, one extra visit per month, going to the library anytime, and increased access to recreational areas.

7. Limited Possibilities: Education and Rehabilitation (04:28)

Depending upon available funding, prisoners may have access to education, including the general education diploma and college certificates. After 20 years or more, many inmates may never be able to adapt to life outside prison.

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