Shaping the Emirates

Shaping the Emirates (27:00)
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Focusing on trade, education, and technological progress, this program outlines the late-20th-century history of the United Arab Emirates and details its emergence among the most advanced, liberal nations in the Middle East. Incorporating the recollections of elderly U.A.E. citizens who have witnessed sweeping changes within their lifetimes, the program also presents conversations with young professionals—including a stockbroker, a diplomat, and a satellite communications specialist—as well as students at Zayed University, a thriving institution for women only. The program emphasizes the visionary decision of former president Sheik Zayed to invest in education programs. (27 minutes)

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1. United Arab Emirates' Rise to Wealth (04:03)
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Arabs recall the thousand-year-old tradition of pearl diving, an industry that collapsed and put the UAE in a decline. Archival film footage shows Abu Dhabi in 1962 when oil wells flourished. In 1971, he UAE was created and today the UAE is wealthy.

2. Importance of Education in the United Arab Emirates: Creative Energy (03:27)

Sheik Zayed emphasizes education for boys, girls, and adults of all ages. A dynamic and highly skilled workforce emerges from the UAE's 1500 schools and state-of-the-art institutions, many of which offer technically oriented education programs.

3. Commerce: Heart of Emirate Life (03:25)

The largest manmade port in the world loads and discharges 7 million containers and serves a market of 2 billion people. People from all over the world are attracted to the explosion of trade with the UAE.

4. Global Communications and the United Arab Emirates (01:24)

For generations, the exchange of news was always a high priority of nomadic life. Today, the UAE is a leading player in the global news network.

5. United Arab Emirates: Tourism (02:49)

Considered one of the world's holiday "hot spots," the UAE has great ambitions for tourism. Creating new land is new to the Emirates, and millions of acres are being reclaimed from the sea.

6. United Arab Emirates: Research and Conservation (04:43)

The UAE is committed to bringing back traditional animals such as the Oryx, and dedicates high tech hospitals for the health of falcons. Arabs commit attention to conserving fish populations, and maintaining traditional boat building techniques.

7. United Arab Emirates: World Class Sports (01:30)

Arab thoroughbreds train in Olympic-sized swimming pools for the Dubai World Cup. The Olympic gold medalist in men's double shooting trap shares his dream.

8. United Arab Emirates: Wealth In Service to the Nation (02:40)

The UAE has great energy resources, yet it succeeds by putting its energy to good uses, focusing on the betterment of its citizens over accumulating wealth for wealth's sake.

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