Essentials of Faith: Christianity

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Essentials of Faith: Christianity (24:00)
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Beliefs spelled out in the Apostle’s Creed link Christians around the world—but in practice, the faith has fractured. This program presents views from five insightful and widely differing believers who reveal their thoughts on conflict and harmony within Christianity. The participants are Terry Waite, author, humanitarian, and former hostage in Beirut; Ann Widdecombe, conservative British politician and Catholic convert; the Reverend Joel Edwards, General Director of the U.K. Evangelical Alliance; Bishop Richard Holloway, author of Godless Morality: Keeping Religion out of Ethics; and Alison Elliot, the first woman to be Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. (24 minutes)

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1. Rise of Christianity (02:09)
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Christianity dates back 2,000 years to the life of Jesus Christ, a Jewish preacher who was executed as a criminal. The religion grew as his followers traveled and spread his teachings following his death.

2. Roman Catholicism (01:32)

Today there are over one billion Christians worldwide; over half of them are Roman Catholics. A Catholic woman expresses her belief in the authority of the Church.

3. Catholics, Protestants, and the Reformation (03:06)

About 500 years ago Christianity split during the Reformation; some basic doctrinal differences still divide Catholics and Protestants. Sectarian divisions among Catholics and Protestants are still evident in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

4. Forms of Christian Worship (01:25)

Forms of Christian worship vary from the simplicity of Quaker meetings to formal rituals of Roman Catholicism. Orthodox Christianity is beginning to flourish again after years of oppression by the Soviet Union.

5. Christian Fundamentalists (02:29)

A new split is developing in the Christian Church between fundamentalists and Christians with more liberal beliefs. Pentecostalism and other fundamentalist Christian movements are growing quickly across the world.

6. Christian Behavior, Salvation, and Afterlife (02:05)

Today there is general agreement between Catholics and Protestants over issues which divided the Church during the Reformation. One of those issues concerns the implications of Christ's death on Christian behavior and salvation.

7. Christian Beliefs (03:05)

A central core of beliefs, including belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, unifies most of Christianity. Christians interpret many aspects of their faith and religion, especially in its interface with modern society, in diverse ways.

8. Divisions Within Christianity (03:24)

Many of the issues which have divided Christianity throughout history continue to do so today. Questions of religious certainty, tolerance, and fundamentalism shape modern debate about Christianity and the role of Christians in the world.

9. Essence of Christianity (02:29)

Some Christians find the essentials of their faith in the Apostle's Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and other expressions of Christian dogma. Other Christians assert that the essence of their faith lives within their own inner sense of spirituality.

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