Untouchable: Life as an Outcaste

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Untouchable: Life as an Outcaste
Item# 37125

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Although it is illegal to discriminate against untouchables, the members of this group continue to be looked down on in South Asian society and are still pressed into the most debasing roles. This five-part series examines the situations of individual Dalits who, despite routine violation of their humanity, are living their lives with all the dignity they can muster. The underlying issues that keep them in their dehumanizing trades—abject poverty, a lack of plausible alternatives, a patriarchal social order, the sheer stigma of being a Dalit—make the series a particularly valuable tool for stimulating powerful discussions on human rights. Some content may be objectionable. 5-part series, 30 minutes each.

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Titles in Series

The Worst Job in the World: The Bhangis of India
Item# 37126
Born into Prostitution: The Badis of Nepal
Item# 37127
Married to a Goddess: The Joginis of India
Item# 37128
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Debt Slaves of Nepal
Item# 37129
Hindu vs. Hindu: Caste Violence in India
Item# 37130

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