Hip-Hop Shop: Opening a Music/Multimedia Studio

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Hip-Hop Shop: Opening a Music/Multimedia Studio (25:00)
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Carla Campbell’s business, Instant Melodies—Britain’s first pay-as-you-go music/multimedia studio—is doing well enough for her to relocate and expand. With loans secured, new space rented, and equipment purchased, the 27-year-old is ready for her grand opening. This program follows Carla as sizzle quickly turns to fizzle. When business proves alarmingly slow, she makes a bold decision to speed up her promo plan by sinking her last startup money into extra advertising. Within days of a targeted flyer campaign and a strategic radio ad featuring celebrity DJ Phoebe One, business at the hip-hop shop takes off—and Carla breathes a sigh of relief. (25 minutes)

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Segments in this Video - (6)

1. Entrepreneurial Business Success in Music Industry (04:28)
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Carla, an entrepreneur, researches her business idea before successfully applying for a bank loan. After 15 months, she is open for business in Britain's first pay-as-you-go music/multimedia studio.

2. Entrepreneurial Business Profitability (04:36)

With a large bank loan, music entrepreneur Carla, buys state-of-the-art equipment for her music/multimedia studio. On opening day, customers fill Carla's studio, yet her concern is whether her business will be profitable.

3. Entrepreneurial Business Challenges (04:19)

After a successful opening, a music/multimedia business owner Carla worries about lack of customers and Internet technology challenges. She decides to put her last money into advertising and marketing.

4. Marketing and Advertising for Entrepreneurial Business (03:04)

To solve the problems of her failing business, entrepreneur Carla starts an advertising and marketing campaign. She records a promotional ad in a local radio station.

5. Entrepreneurial Business: Successful Marketing Campaign (04:31)

Carla, an entrepreneur must salvage her business, so she creates a radio promo and delivers flyers. Her technological problems solved and the advertising campaign underway, Carla welcomes more customers into her music/multimedia studio.

6. Successful Business Entrepreneur (02:53)

After a successful advertising and marketing campaign, Carla, an entrepreneur, sees her business grow rapidly and consistently. her next business goal is to open another music/multimedia studio in another part of London.

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