Lost Road of the Inca: Part 1

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Lost Road of the Inca: Part 1 (22:00)
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Karin Muller is an American on a quest to understand other cultures. This program follows her as she begins her journey of discovery along the route of the ancient Incan highway through South America. In Ecuador, she endures tear gas during a labor riot and witnesses backbreaking toil in a crude, antiquated gold mine. On the disputed border between Ecuador and Peru, she watches ordnance troops unearth and detonate a land mine, visits the lonely graves of fallen soldiers, and—in a life-affirming turn—finds welcome respite in drinking boiled yucca tea at a family farm. Muller provides engaging and eloquent voice-over commentary as her trek progresses. Part of the series Lost Road of the Inca. A National Geographic Production. (22 minutes)

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Segments in this Video - (6)

1. Journey Along Inca Road (02:18)
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An American woman, Karin Muller, sells her worldly goods and sets off on global adventures. She will follow the Inca Road along the spine of South America--3000 miles through four nations.

2. Incas: Yesterday and Today (02:50)

Sun-worshipping Incas gained power in the 15th century. They built a powerful infrastructure and a network of roads throughout their empire. Today, utility price hikes have serious effects on the poor.

3. Street Riots (02:40)

American adventurer Karin Muller is caught in a riot between police and poor working class Ecuadorans. She is blinded by tear gas. The American escapes and heads towards the lowlands of Ecuador.

4. Dreams of Gold (06:10)

Along the Inca Road, a town lives on gold mining. American adventurer Karin Muller descends into a mine. Miners live in the mines, often sleeping over their claims. Homemade dynamite puts everyone at risk.

5. Military Training for American in Peru (02:37)

The border along Ecuador and Peru is peppered with land mines. To prepare for the fields, American adventurer Karin Muller must train along with soldiers.

6. Rest Before the Journey (01:25)

A family welcomes American adventurer Karin Muller for a brief stay. She drinks a traditional drink fermented with human saliva. She continues on the Inca Road.

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