Lost Road of the Inca: Part 2

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Lost Road of the Inca: Part 2 (20:00)
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From medicinal shamans to taxi drivers in rusty death traps, this program plunges further into the depth and breadth of life in South America—following American adventurer Karin Muller as she travels the ancient Incan highway. Muller joins Peruvian fishermen plying their trade in handmade reed boats; watches herds of vicuña penned and sheared of their precious wool; absorbs the spectacle of Machu Picchu and its sophisticated stonework; and encounters the spirit of Carnival and Catholic devotion in Bolivia. Then comes a euphoric motorcycle ride into Chile—until Muller reaches Santiago, reenters the world of billboards and fast food, and bids farewell to a landscape of countless cultural riches. Part of the series Lost Road of the Inca. A National Geographic Production. (20 minutes)

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Segments in this Video - (7)

1. Inca Highway (04:10)
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The Inca Road stretches 3000 miles from Ecuador to Chile. American adventurer Karin Muller teams up with a taxi driver who is the glue that holds together thousands of disparate people. He drives a rusty death trap.

2. Traditional Reed Fishing Boats (04:31)

American adventurer Karin Muller joins Peruvian fishermen plying their trade in handmade reed boats. She learns how to build a traditional reed boat. Each fisherman must build five boats a year.

3. Vicuna Roundup (02:41)

Vicunas are the "golden fleece" of the Andes. Each year vicunas are herded to a place where their fleeces are removed. After that, they are released to their pastures in the mountains.

4. Machu Picchu (01:50)

Machu Picchu is lasting evidence of the brilliance of the Inca Empire. The Incas were master stonemasons. No one knows how the Incas built this masterpiece of architecture or what its purpose was.

5. Inca Road: Bolivia (01:51)

Four months on the Inca Road, American adventurer Karin Muller enters Bolivia. The Carnaval de Oruro (or Carnival of Oruro) is the biggest annual cultural event in Bolivia.

6. Dangers of Travel (02:35)

American adventurer Karin Muller catches a ride on a road called the Road to Hades. Drugs such as raw cocaine are transported on this same road. After 6 months on the Inca Road, American adventurer Muller arrives in Santiago.

7. Inca Road: Chile (01:20)

Suddenly American adventurer Karin Muller finds herself in civilization complete with McDonald's fast food. For the Muller, the journey is at an end.

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