Goree: Door of No Return

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Gorée: Door of No Return (30:00)
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Gorée Island is where the slave ships anchored, cramming their holds with Africans to be shipped across the Atlantic to work the fields and tend their "owners" throughout the Western Hemisphere; Gorée Island is where the enslaved Africans were held until the ships were ready to receive them. This documentary tells the history of the slave trade: the arrival of the first Europeans, the origins of slavery in the Americas, the development of Gorée as a center of the expanding slave trade, the wealthy merchant women who controlled the slave trade on the island. Today, the island is a monument to an ignoble past. The program visits the colonial buildings, the homes of the slave traders still standing, the trading warehouse called the House of Slaves, and the infamous Door of No Return, the door through which most of America’s enslaved people passed on their way to the New World. (30 minutes)

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Segments in this Video - (7)

1. Portuguese Come to Goree (03:19)
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In route to the Orient's riches, Portuguese adventurers stumbled upon Goree, off Senegal's coast. The mariners observe coastal Africans with an ancient and highly structured civilization.

2. Portuguese Hegemony (03:07)

The Portuguese settle uninhabited Goree and amicably establish trade with the African. At the same time, tobacco and cotton cultivation in New World colonies require large numbers of workers.

3. Africans Kidnapped to America (03:25)

Agrarian Africans acclimated to the tropics, and America's need for labor sets the African slave trade into motion. European traders encourage tribal warfare and buy prisoners to work as slaves.

4. Goree Becomes Prominent (04:00)

Tiny Goree Island becomes the center for the international slave trade. Military control means control of the lucrative slave trade. Colonial control of Goree changes 19 times over a 200 year period.

5. Life in the Goree's Slave Trade (04:11)

Goree's mulattos, children of European trader fathers and African mothers, live lavishly as intermediaries in the slave trade. Goree guards steal a new slave's jewelry-his talisman.

6. Imprisonment and the Voyage (04:18)

Africans captured by neighboring clans are shackled and transported hundreds of miles to Goree. Now as enslaved prisoners they wait in dark cells for slave ships to embark for America.

7. Goree's Legacy (03:58)

Today thousands of African Americans visit Goree to better understand the embarkation point of their ancestors' diaspora and to piece together their own torn history.

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