The Battle for Souls

The Battle for Souls (46:00)
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Of the world’s 50 least evangelized countries, 37 are within the 10/40 window, a geographical region that is home to approximately three billion non-Christians. This program looks at the spread of Christianity in the developing world with a particular focus on Nigeria, where evangelists and missionaries are fighting to attract Muslim hearts and minds to the banner of Jesus. But rising intensity on each side has led to unrest in the streets, including church burnings. "Islam and Christianity do seem set on a collision course," says Philip Jenkins, author of The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity. A Discovery Channel Production. (46 minutes)

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1. Religious Explosion (01:32)
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The spread of Christianity competes with other faiths for souls. The consequences are increasingly turning violent.

2. Battle for Souls (03:00)

The Ardill's, Christian missionaries, in Jos, Nigeria witness upheaval as Muslims and Christian look for converts. Bill's medical practice is used as a vehicle to attract new converts to Christianity.

3. Community Projects for the Poor (02:53)

Dorothy offers community development projects for the poor people of Jos. The Christian House of Hope serves a predominantly Muslim community.

4. Evangelists in Africa (00:54)

Christianity appeals to marginalized Muslims on the fringe of Islamic society (e.g., lepers and the blind). The Ardill's are part of a 150 year legacy of white foreign missionaries proselytizing in Africa.

5. Growth of Christianity (02:18)

Lagos, Nigeria sees an exponential growth in Christianity due to poor economic and social conditions. Limited resources have spurned the local citizens to seek divine Christian intervention.

6. The 10/40 Window (02:30)

Film and computer maps revolutionize evangelizing. Maps target between 40 north and 10 degrees north latitude. Those parallels comprise all the area between West Africa and the Far East.

7. Missionaries At Risk (02:22)

Missionaries proselytize where Islamic law forbids and pay with their lives in Lebanon, Yemen and the Philippines. Missionaries get around the prohibition by accepting jobs as teachers or computer workers.

8. Practicing God's Will (04:15)

John infiltrates an area of non-believers while the Ardill's train local converts to evangelize their own people. Mr. Ahmed says Muslim theology requires Muslims to invite non-believers to Allah.

9. The Believers (03:04)

Fifty thousand attend Faith Tabernacle Church in Lagos, Nigeria every Sunday. The high-tech operation is entirely funded by local sources.

10. Why Convert? (01:57)

Evangelical Pentecostals freely express their direct and personal faith. The message of healing and mastering evil is largely the reason for big Christian inroads.

11. Effects of Evangelism (02:43)

The Pentecostals growth may be fueling religious violence in central Nigeria. Both Muslims and Christians suffer from murder and arson.

12. Sectarian Violence (03:07)

Christians fear that strict Sharia law will infiltrate civil society. In 2000 deadly riots break out because of tensions between Christians and Muslims.

13. Reconciliation (04:15)

Two religious leaders and former adversaries form an Interfaith Center to build bridges between Islam and Christianity.

14. Coexistence (01:49)

Opposing religions learn to manage their conflict. The real enemy is AIDS, famine, hunger and the cycle of pain. Local missionaries continue to map out fertile areas to convert.

15. NEMA (05:11)

Christians band together and Nigerian missionaries expatriate to many corners of the world as they spread Christianity. Nigerian ministers preach to other Nigerians who immigrate to America.

16. African Churches in America (01:43)

Fervent African Pentecostals are highly motivated to spread their faith in America. Worldwide, religious intolerance continues to fuel hatred and serious acts of violence in the name of God.

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