The Real Dr. Evil

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The Real Dr. Evil (46:00)
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North Koreans call him "dear leader." President Bush calls him part of an "axis of evil." Kidnapper, terrorist, and likely nuclear tyrant also apply. This program uses extensive newsreel footage, archival materials, and exclusive interviews to create a biographical and psychological profile of Kim Jong Il in order to understand what motivates his sometimes bizarre and often tragic deeds. Interviews include former bodyguards, a former central committee member, a former North Korean spy, CIA profilers, Pentagon advisers, former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Donald Gregg, and Selig Harrison, author of Korean Endgame. A BBCW Production. (46 minutes)

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Segments in this Video - (12)

1. Kim Jong-Il: In His Father's Footsteps (03:32)
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North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il is supposed to be seen as a god in Korea like his father, Kim Il-Sung. Korean defectors say myths are built up around him to raise his image to his father's high status.

2. Hints of Trouble in Kim's Childhood (03:30)

Villagers believe as a boy Kim may have drowned his younger brother. He grows up distant from his famous father. He is a poor student in college and develops a love for the cinema.

3. Kim Chosen to Succeed His Father (03:00)

True communists are not happy when Kim, the "black sheep of the family," is chosen by his father to succeed him. He builds an army of body guards to protect him from jealous relatives.

4. Kim's Killer Instincts Revealed (02:36)

Kim's bodyguards undergo vigorous training. When foreign fishermen drift into Korean waters, Kim orders them killed. The shooters are rewarded. The fishermen's families are told they died at sea.

5. Kim Bombs Rangoon Funeral (03:01)

Kim operates a global spy network from "Room 35." They bomb a local hero's funeral in Rangoon, and then deny it. North Korea does not consider terrorism a crime, but a tool for revolution.

6. Kim: Terrorist, Film Lover, Kidnapper (04:05)

The bombing of a South Korean passenger jet is traced directly to Kim. He is so obsessed with cinema that he abducts South Korean actress Choe Eun Hee and holds her hostage for eight years.

7. Kim Kidnaps Film Director (03:34)

Kim kidnaps and imprisons Choe's husband, film director Shin Sang Ok. He builds a studio and forces Shin to make films for him. Kim admits to the kidnapping. Choe and Shin escape North Korea.

8. North Korea Builds a Plutonium Plant (03:08)

While Il-Sung is still in power, North Korea builds a plutonium plant, instigating the U.S. to consider military action. Former U.S. President Carter convinces Il-Sung to freeze plutonium production.

9. Kim Builds a Nuclear Weapons Facility (03:57)

After Il-Sung dies, Kim relies on the military for support, keeping them constantly on exercise. Satellite photos reveal an underground facility in North Korea, believed to be a uranium plant.

10. Kim Opens North Korea to the West (04:22)

Rocked by famine and drought, Kim opens North Korea to the West. Visiting American dignitaries perceive him to be rational, humorous, confident, and in complete control of his country.

11. Kim Distrusted by World Leaders (03:43)

Kim's relationship with the U.S. falters as George W. Bush labels him a terrorist. Unable to gain the confidence of Russia, he seeks Japan's help to support his crumbling economy.

12. Kim Falls Back on Nuclear Threats (04:16)

Japan rejects Kim's "apology" for abducting Japanese citizens, as he blames them on overzealous agents. Without foreign support, Kim falls back on nuclear threats to stay in power.

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