Water: A Molecular Substance

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Water: A Molecular Substance (11:00)
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Using computer-generated animations, this program clearly demonstrates the structures and changes of state in water—specifically in ice melting, in water evaporating, and in water boiling—all at the molecular level. Each demonstration scientifically clarifies student misconceptions about the process and reinforces concepts that carry over into molecular change in other elements. (12 minutes)

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Segments in this Video - (3)

1. Building Blocks of Water Molecule (04:02)
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Each water molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. The molecules rotate, vibrate, and move through space. A molecular model of ice melting shows how fixed water molecule structure of ice changes with increased molecular activity.

2. Water Distillation (02:35)

When water is boiled, the process of distillation turns liquid water into vapor. When cooled, the vapor condenses back into liquid water. The major difference between liquid water and water vapor is the motion and distance between molecules.

3. Molecular Model of the Inside of a Bubble (02:32)

What is present in the inside of a bubble of water? There is only water molecules with empty space between them. Computer graphics illustrate the inside and the walls of a bubble.

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