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Attitude Alert

This video explores the belief that a person’s attitude, whether at home, school, or in the community, has tremendous influence on one’s actions. Not only does our attitude influence our behavior, but how others perceive us. Changing our attitudes can improve relationships in all areas of our lives—it’s up to us. In the video we meet some middle school students who decide to start a school-wide advice column. As problems come pouring in, they notice an interesting phenomenon—many of the conflicts erupted because of the student’s attitude. In before-and-after scenes, students will see that by changing their attitude, they can change an unhappy circumstance. A good way to help viewers grasp some important truths. A Meridian Production. One 15-minute video.

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Attitude and Social Skills
Students at a middle school plagued by negative attitudes begin a project to examine attitudes, develop social skills and conflict resolution skills, and promote respect for others.