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The Green Encyclopedia, Part 2: Environmental Concerns and Threats / Recycling and Alternative Energy Video Clips

This collection of 40 video clips (1 minute, 10 seconds each) addresses concerns about—and threats to—the sustainability of life on Earth as global warming increases in severity. The collection also spotlights recycling and alternative energy, keys to building a brighter future for the planet.


Video clips include…


Environmental Concerns and Threats

• Agricultural Pesticides

• Air Out Your Home

• Bees in Trouble

• Carbon Footprint

• The Cost of Global Warming

• The Disappearing Seas

• Disposable Products

• Endangered Species

• Genetically Modified Crops

• The Importance of Clean Water

• Invasive Species

• Light Pollution

• Measuring Air Quality

• Nuclear Waste: What to Do?

• Overfishing

• Toxic Products



• The Art of Recycling

• Creative Recycling

• Recycling Guidelines

• Recycling Myths

• Recycling Batteries

• Recycling Cars

• Recycling Cell Phones

• Recycling Electronics

• Recycling Fabric

• Recycling Food Packages

• Recycling Glass

• Recycling Ink Cartridges

• Recycling Lightbulbs

• Recycling Paper

• Recycling Plastic

• Recycling Tires


Alternative Energy

• What Is Biomass?

• Biofuel

• Geothermal Energy

• Hydraulic Energy

• Solar Power

• Tidal Power

• Wind Power

• Trash Incineration


(53 minutes)

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Agricultural Pesticides, Home Ventilation, Bees
Agricultural pesticides may harm soil, or contaminate water or air. Amature gardeners contaminate surface water and water table. Air out rooms regularly. Bees are essential pollinators, but their populations are dying from pesticides.