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Theseus' Origins (03:28)


Aegeus consults the Oracle of Delphi about a male heir, but is confused by her message. King Pittheus tricks him into impregnating his daughter Aethra, who gives birth to the legend's hero.

A Secret Son (02:26)

Aegeus hides Theseus in Troezen until adulthood to protect him from enemies in Athens, leaving his sword and sandals as tokens. At 16, Theseus recovers them and prepares to journey to Athens.

Double Parentage (02:58)

At Athena's request, Poseidon rapes King Pittheus' daughter Aethra before she shares Aegeus' bed. Theseus thus has both royal and divine blood—giving him legitimacy to rule Athens.

Journey to Athens (02:08)

Theseus overcomes danger through the Isthmus of Corinth, and inflicts the Law of Talion on Procrustes. Upon arrival, Agaeus recognizes him as his son.

Minotaur (03:49)

King Minos requires seven Athenian boys and girls to feed the Minotaur in Crete. Theseus vows to slay the creature and leaves for Crete, promising Aegeus to raise a white flag on his return to Athens. Learn about the Minotaur's origins.

Plan to Slay the Minotaur (03:15)

Theseus journeys to Crete, falls in love with King Minos' daughter Ariadne, and prepares to enter the labyrinth. Daedalus advises him to use string to mark his path. Ariadne provides a ball of wool and Theseus promises to bring her to Athens.

Abandoning Ariadne (03:20)

Theseus enters the labyrinth, slays the Minotaur, and follows Ariadne's thread back out. They set sail for Athens, but Poseidon brings a storm while Ariadne is ashore on Naxos. Athena urges Theseus to leave her, to fulfill his duty as king.

Return to Athens (03:25)

Theseus forgets to raise a white sail. Aegeus sees a black sail and throws himself into the Aegean Sea. Theseus learns from his oversight and unites Crete and Athens in a new democratic system.

Credits: Theseus: The Great Greek Myths (17:09)

Credits: Theseus: The Great Greek Myths

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Theseus, the Ravages of Oversight—The Great Greek Myths

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Theseus was the fruit of dual paternity: Aegeus King of Athens slept with Aethra when she had just been raped by Poseidon, God of the Sea. Theseus, who grew into a strong, brave young man, therefore had a double lineage - both divine and royal.  Unsurprisingly, once he was old enough to fight, he decided to leave for Crete to take on the terrible Minotaur, which devoured 14 young Athenians a year, delivered to Minos, King of Crete. The Minotaur, one of the best known figures in Greek mythology, was a veritable Monster, born from the forbidden union of Minos' wife Pasiphaë and a white bull. He was enclosed in a labyrinth built by the inventor Daedalus. Theseus killed the Minotaur thanks to his courage - but also thanks to Ariadne, King Minos' daughter, who gave him the means to leave the labyrinth in the form of a ball of thread.  But Theseus' great courage did not stop him from neglecting his duties. Carried along by his victory, he committed a few irreversible oversights, which led to tragedy.

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