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Loaded Guns (03:40)


Tadd Babcock relates the story of how his girlfriend's two year old son was shot by his three year old friend. The children were playing and found two loaded guns.

Death of a Child (02:58)

Jodi and Pat Nugent, the parents of a two year old boy was shot by his friend, describe arriving at the hospital the day their son was killed. He was brain dead because he was shot in the eye.

Improper Gun Safety (02:22)

Three year old Kobe, who accidentally killed his friend, was forever traumatized after the event. Pat Nugent expresses his regret of not returning the guns to their proper place, which allowed the boys to access them.

Happy-Go-Lucky Brian Webb (03:57)

Brian Webb's mother, father, and stepfather describe his personality traits and familial relationships. One day his mother picked him up from school because he complained of a cold.

Identifying the Body (04:48)

Webb's father, Jimmy, had to identify his son's body after being told his son shot himself with a handgun. He was fourteen years old when he died.

Police Officer Felder (02:43)

A small town in Idaho called New Plymouth had a police force consisting of four men. Wade Feldner was married to a woman named Sharry.

Wade Felder's Murder (03:46)

Feldner was working alone one night when a 14 year old boy in a stolen car shot him. Another member of the New Plymouth police force found him dead.

Unprovoked Violence (00:46)

Sharry and other people who knew Feldner describe how unjust his death was. He was a well-liked, helpful member of the small community.

Foul Play (04:15)

Fourteen year old Michael Steber and his friend Gordon Lane were playing with Lane's father's gun one day. Lane accidentally shot Steber in the chest.

Unused Safety Features (03:16)

A safety device on Lane's father's gun could have prevented Steber's accidental death. Lane had removed the clip but did not know the gun automatically loaded a round prior.

Teens Against Violence (03:34)

Louis Brown's parents describe his scholarly personality and the drug and gun violence in their neighborhood. Brown joined a group at school of teens against of violence.

Christmas Killing (03:12)

Brown went to attend a Christmas party on December 15 but never arrived. He was caught in the middle of gang violence and shot on his way there.

Louis Brown (02:00)

Brown's parents relate the emotions they experienced upon viewing their son's dead body. His mother did not want anyone to think her son had been a gang member.

Credits: 5 American Handguns - 5 American Kids (01:53)

Credits: 5 American Handguns - 5 American Kids

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This hourlong America Undercover documentary utilizes on-location footage and photos, plus first-person interviews with the family and friends of victims, to examine five fatal cases involving handguns and children. Narrated by Beau Bridges, 5 American Handguns -- 5 American Kids includes a number of jarring handgun statistics, found at the end of each segment, which punctuate the senselessness of these tragedies. An HBO Production. 

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