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Wounded Veterans (03:09)


A generation of veterans is returning from Iraq. Over 90% of the wounded survive their injuries; returning home with conditions like amputations, brain injuries, and post-traumatic stress disorder. An "Alive Day" is the day a veteran was almost killed.

Sergeant Bryan Anderson (04:02)

Anderson lost both of his legs and his left hand in Iraq in October 2005. He recalls his reaction.

Retaining Independence (02:07)

Anderson had 40 operations. He feels life wouldn't be worth living if he lost both of his hands. Anderson was once a skilled gymnast.

Sergeant Eddie Ryan (05:39)

Ryan was part a sniper unit. In April 2005, he was shot in the head. The traumatic brain injury affects two thirds of his brain.

Army Specialist Crystal Davis (04:04)

Davis explains why she joined the military. She lost her one of her feet in Iraq but she still wants to return.

Living with a Prosthetic Foot (04:02)

Davis refuses to feel sorry for herself. She misses driving and dancing, but recently danced for the first time with a prosthetic.

Acknowledging Amputation (02:13)

First Lieutenant Dawn Halfaker was placed in a medically induced coma after a rocket-propelled grenade hit her shoulder; her right shoulder and arm were amputated.

War Expectations (03:08)

Halfaker's prosthetic arm causes feelings of social anxiety. She was naive and unrealistic about what could happen to her during war.

Private Dexter Pitt (03:02)

Pitt suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. He hates taking medication to function throughout the day and sleep at night.

Corporal Michael Jernigan (04:02)

Jernigan lost both of his eyes in August 2004; he wears one prosthetic eye. He recalls the explosion that blew up his partner and resulted in his injuries.

Jonathan Bartlett (04:18)

Bartlett lost his legs in a bomb explosion. He joined the army because he believed in it and wanted to protect the nation.

Staff Sergeant Jay Wilkerson (03:52)

Wilkerson recalls the blast that killed his friend and sent shrapnel flying. He suffered injuries to his face and brain from the shrapnel.

Corporal Jacob Schick (04:26)

Schick ran over a pressurized bomb and lost his leg. He describes the way he felt while in the hospital and the lack of independence. He received the Purple Heart.

Staff Sergeant John Jones (05:23)

Both of Jones' legs were amputated after a bomb blast. He recalls a unit member apologizing for what happened. He feels God gave him a second chance at being a father to his kids.

Troops in Iraq (00:52)

The men and women interviewed in this film bid farewell to interviewer James Gandolfini. See statistics regarding the amount of deaths and injuries on the battlefield in Iraq.

Credits: Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq (02:07)

Credits: Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq

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A new generation of veterans is returning from Iraq. For the first time in American history, some 90% of those who are wounded survive their injuries. But a greater percentage of these men and women are coming home from Iraq with amputations, traumatic brain injuries, and severe post-traumatic stress. For the survivors, two days will forever memorialize their lives. The first is their birthday. The second is their Alive Day – the day they narrowly escaped death. These are the first-person stories of ten Alive Day heroes – as told to Emmy® Award-winning actor James Gandolfini. An HBO Production. 

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