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Protecting Traditional Family Values (02:11)


World Congress of Families is a network of Christian Organizations whose mission is to vilify the homosexual lifestyle. Having lost the battle in the United States, they now export their message around the globe and hope Europe will take action. This episode will investigate and interview spokespeople. (Credits)

Gay Bashing in Russia 2013 (02:43)

Spurred on by Russian Parliament passing a law restricting homosexual adoption and limiting the promotion of gay relationships to children, citizens trapped and beat a gay man and uploaded the video to the internet. The country has seen a large spike in these attacks— Tanya Cooper explains that attackers feel supported by authorities. American Brian Brown made a speech to Parliament promoting anti-gay actions.

C-Span Appearance (02:52)

Brown denies involvement in the proceedings, but does admit he travels to spread his message. The National Association of Marriage protests the legalization of gay rights and attracts thousands to its annual march.

Opposition to Gay Rights (02:47)

One protester asks gay rights activists what the difference is between molestation and homosexual sex. Another condemns a man who attempted to rape him when he was a child. Daniel Pierce from Georgia secretly records his family's reaction to him coming out.

Traditional Family Message (02:27)

World Congress of Families provides a platform for like-minded groups to network and pass legislation in line with its beliefs. Its combined budget is over 200 million dollars a year. Members consider Russia's recent law a victory.

Influencing Slovakia (03:15)

Neo-Nazi hate crimes are on the rise. Romana Schleisinger recalls how she was lured into a parking lot and six men approached her— she only escaped by running into a supermarket.

International Legal Support to Promote Christianity (02:15)

A Slovakia pro family group aimed to pass a referendum banning gay adoption, homosexual marriage, and giving parents the ability to withdraw kids from sex education. 350,000 signatures were needed— the Catholic Church played a pivotal role in attaining the number. The Alliance Defending Freedom engaged Daniel Lipsic to defend the referendum to the Constitutional Court.

American Christians Involved in Slovakian Government (02:42)

Lipsic writes an amicus brief to influence the judge of the Constitutional Court. The judge found in favor of the referendum, but only 21% showed up for the vote, and it failed. In 2012 Lipsic was paid 78,000 euros from the ADF for legal work.

ADF Defends Paying Lipsic (02:28)

Christian Rights organizations enlist local figures to appear as spokespeople for to challenge human rights legislation in other countries. Laura Van den Eynde explains that the Alliance Defending Freedom is active in Europe to ensure that LGBT activists cannot site European laws in American courts.

Conference in Russia (03:20)

Larry Jacobs opens the proceedings at the annual convention of the World Congress of Families. He does not believe the law passed in Russia contributed to a rise of homophobic attacks and condemns the violence. He insists the law never used the word homosexual.

Jacobs Gives an Interview (02:02)

Jacobs sent out a press release praising the referendum in Russia after it passed. He explains that he celebrates the protection of children, and thinks violence should be prosecuted. He fails to see a correlation between the legislation and rise in hate crimes.

Video Footage of Lively Speech (03:01)

World Congress of Families work to strengthen anti-gay legislation in Uganda where homosexuality has been banned since the 1950s. Pastor Scott Lively who is affiliated with the organization, visits Uganda in 2009 and links homosexuality and pedophilia.

Public Lynching (03:05)

Ramos describes how Lively vilifies the homosexual community by instilling fear for public health calling them sexual predators. Uganda passed anti-homosexual laws in 2013 making it punishable with life in prison. Lively received a copy of the law, and advised the parliament.

Targeting Homosexuals in Uganda (03:20)

United Nations recently reported a correlation between anti-homosexual laws and violence toward the community. Jackson Mucaso describes how he and his partner were targeted, beaten, arrested, and are now homeless and jobless because of the legislation.

Crimes Against Humanity (03:30)

Ramos describes how Lively's agenda led to a public panic in Uganda about homosexuality. Lively agrees to be interviewed provided that his answers are not edited— watch the first part of the interview. United Nations recently reported there is a correlation between anti-gay laws and violence towards the LGBT community.

Lively Interview Continued (04:23)

Lively does not accept the correlation between anti-gay legislation and violence against homosexuals as. Mackean challenges him on pedophilia and homosexuality— Lively says anyone who does not stand for marriage is condoning mass murder. The narrator summarizes the episode.

Credits: Faith and Gay Fear (00:29)

Credits: Faith and Gay Fear

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In 2014, Cold Fear: Gay Life in Russia revealed shocking footage of a man hunted, trapped, then beaten and humiliated by a group of 30 anti-gay activists in Russia. It was just the tip of an iceberg. Across the world, there is a growing movement to halt the advance of gay rights by direct persecution and support for anti-homosexual laws. The movement has created some unlikely international allies. Now, the team behind Cold Fear – Gay Life in Russia investigates the groups and individuals coordinating the campaign. The investigation team crosses continents as it tracks the money, political campaigns and secret meetings to piece together the network. From the antigay agenda spreading across Europe from Russia to the extreme homophobia in Africa sponsored by western evangelists and right-wing Christians – this film reveals that far from the hatred originating from rogue extremists, it is an organised movement with a shared source of funding. The trail ends in the United States. A BBC Production.

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