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KKK in Modern America (03:23)


A white supremacist killed 9 black worshipers in a church in South Carolina. See footage shot by Dan Murdoch during the protests that followed. In Alabama clansman and families gather for a meeting; they believe they are under attack, and say an "un-civil" war is brewing. (Credits)

God's Chosen People (02:04)

James Moore, the Imperial Kludd, explains the clan's officers. Moore is young to have achieved such a high rank, but members listen to him. One member explains that he dresses his child up in klan outfits because he wants him to be proud.

20 New Recruits (03:33)

The Klorean are the clan's bylaws. Watch as Moore leads the Loyal White Knights in a triple cross ceremony. Most believe it to be a sign of terror, but for members of the KKK it is a religious ceremony.

History of the KKK (02:12)

At its peak, membership rose to four million and the clan boasted four presidents as constituents. The L.W.K. claims to be the largest of the modern competing clan chapters and is located in North Carolina. Murdoch interviews the Imperial Kommander.

Amanda Lee (02:23)

Lee hopes that members from northern states will relocate to her town in North Carolina so the black population will be driven away. She blames African Americans for all the crime and drugs. She works full time as a customer service representative, runs the L.W.K., and raises two boys.

Night Ride (02:11)

Lee and Moore prepare leaflets for the evening's event with a poem about President Obama leaving the White House. Moore describes Lee as a second mother to him.

Picture of Hitler (02:25)

Moore believes Hitler was a great man and that Auschwitz was more akin to a summer camp than a death camp. Hitler was trying to rehabilitate the Jews because they were lazy. Moore condemns slavery.

Slavery was Abolished (01:59)

Moore remembers how he was always called "white boy" or "cracker" by African American students in high school. He explains that the principal and teachers would not discipline the students out of fear they would be labeled racist.

Aspiring KKK Members (02:05)

New applicants come from diverse states and fill out a questionnaire answering lifestyle questions. The L.W.K. received over eleven thousand calls in the past month— Lee attributes this to increasing racial tensions.

Rioting in Baltimore (04:17)

Lee attributes the rise in applications to the racial riots in cities— Anti-racism organizations puts membership of the KKK at three to five thousand members. He introduces Murdoch to another clan member who explains why he enlisted and says that the race war that is coming.

Hours After Charleston Church Massacre (02:36)

Dylann Roof killed nine African American's in the hopes of igniting a race war. At the Emmanuel AME Church, Murdoch watches people gather to condemn the shooting.

End White Supremacy March (02:36)

Police in Charleston try to calm down protesters who claim to be under a terrorist attack; they burn an American flag. African Americans who organize a march refuse to allow a white mother with a mixed race child to participate in solidarity.

African Americans on Edge (03:27)

Anthony and Ricardo explain that Barack Obama, like de-segregation, was a pacifier to calm racial tensions. They describe feeling targeted for the color of their skin and say they are treated like criminals. They are unsure what white supremacists want.

Igniting a Race War (03:23)

Two weeks after the shooting in Charleston, the Confederate Flag is removed from a war memorial— the L.W.K. arranges a march to the South Carolina state house in protest. Anti-racial organizations and the new Black Panthers coordinate counter-protests. Anthony and Ricardo worry about escalating violence.

Preparing to March (03:06)

The New Black Panthers are joined by anti-racism groups at the South Carolina State House. Lee and the L.W.K. are joined by the National Socialist Movement and other organizations. Lee worries about escalating tempers but emphasizes that they will hold their own.

March Begins (02:49)

The black power rally is finished, but thousands remained to watch the march. While the protesters cause no violence, the crowd throws bottles. One KKK member calls the African Americans in the crowd "not even human"— another makes monkey sounds.

After the March (02:48)

Even with a police escort, KKK members are arrested for assault, attacked, and antagonize the crowd. One crowd member steals a confederate flag and tears it up. Only half make it back to the garage safely.

Police Escort out of Town (04:07)

Clan members return to headquarters to assess the damage to their vehicles and persons. Ricardo is elated after the rally. Lee believes the L.W.K. stood up for themselves and their history.

Credits: KKK - The Fight for White Supremacy (00:34)

Credits: KKK - The Fight for White Supremacy

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With race relations stretched to breaking point in some American cities, the supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan says it’s seeing a surge in membership. They claim that white Americans—angry at what they perceive as attacks on their heritage—are joining in large numbers, convinced they must prepare for a race war. With access to the leaders of the Loyal White Knights chapter in North Carolina, this film follows their secretive rituals. The Klan travels to the South Carolina Statehouse in Charleston to protest against the removal of the confederate flag. But when Black Power groups turn out to demonstrate the two opposing visions of America violently come face to face. A BBC production.

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