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Introduction: Belize to Guatemala: Stephen Fry in Central America (03:17)


Stephen Fry will be traveling to Belize and Guatemala. Originally a British colony, English is the official language of Belize. Wild Tracks is a conservation site dedicated to rescuing manatees— Fry feeds the mammal.

Belize City (02:05)

Fry visits the last British Army Base in Belize— Major Sean Cane commands six men at the British Army Training Support Unit Belize. Fry's bus breaks down, and one of the soldiers examines it.

Off the Mainland (04:28)

Fry visits a remote island and meets Alan and his dog Ganja. Alan does not own a clock or a watch— he uses the sun. He loves living on his own desert island, and only has issues when Colombians come with cocaine.

Red Footed Booby (02:55)

Fry visits Half Moon Caye wildlife sanctuary and spies male Frigatebirds using their gular pouch to attract a mate. Fry speaks with a Garifuna man about his culture, traditions, and hears them play music.

Arriving in Guatemala (02:03)

Fry meets Juancho, his new bus driver. Mayan civilization created extensive calendars and irrigation. The reason the people abandoned their cities over 1,000 years ago remains a mystery— Tikal was discovered a hundred and fifty years ago.

Visiting Tikal (03:02)

A home to monarchs for over 1,200 years, Mayans built elaborate temples and monuments. A shaman prepares a ritual to the gods.

Mayan Ceremony (02:32)

Watch a shaman perform a ritual to the gods. Fry asks for protection for his bus.

Ixil People (03:15)

After the Guatemalan Civil war ended in 1996, there was a disproportional amount of women, because the men were killed or went into hiding. Fry weaves cloth with a local Mayan.

Remembering the Guatemalan Civil War (02:44)

Fry tries the local cuisine. Freddie Paserelli discusses how the "silent holocaust" claimed nearly 25,0000 Mayan souls. Fry participates in an archaeological dig for a mass grave.

Ball Game of Antiquity (01:53)

Fry wakes up and describes how surprised he is by the Guatemalan landscape. He watches a traditional Mayan sporting event.

Lake Atitlan (03:38)

This lake was created after the collapse of several volcanos. Alida Boer takes Fry to meet weavers. Each family is known for unique technique and patterns.

Capital City (02:43)

Fry explores Guatemala City— he visits Boer at her handbag shop. Boer and Fry discuss the economic disparity in Guatemala. Later he visits a garbage dump where hundreds scavenge for a living.

Gang Culture (02:47)

In Guatemala City 15 murders are committed a day— it is one of the highest murder rates in the world. Fry accompanies Dr. Jorge Chiu on an overnight shift as a medic. Chiu describes the horrors he has witnessed while volunteering.

Meeting a Billionaire (02:41)

Fry accompanies Mario Lopez by helicopter to see the world's largest solar energy farm. At Finca Santa Clara, Fry travels by ATV up to a coffee plantation.

Coffee Picking (03:01)

Fry learns how to pick coffee beans and that the color of the bean determines its quality. He tries the seed raw, and then participates in a coffee tasting. Altitude, varietal, and the volcanic soil contributes to the beans quality.

Antigua (02:07)

Juancho introduces Fry to his father Luis, a singer and composer. Luis feels creativity sets Guatemala apart from other countries. Listen to him perform.

Credits: Belize to Guatemala: Stephen Fry in Central America (00:37)

Credits: Belize to Guatemala: Stephen Fry in Central America

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In this video, Stephen Fry travels through Belize and Guatemala participating in local customs, learning the culture, and exploring historic sites. Places visited include: Belize City, Wildtracks Refuge, the Cays, Tikal, Chajul, Lake Atitlan, and Guatemala City. A BBC production.

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