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Love is Integral for Healing (03:49)


Dr. Lorraine Wright introduces the episode and explains that this family therapy session will involve Ayeesha, who succumbed to a stroke a year ago and Naina, her sister-in-law and primary caregiver. There is a lot of love in the home but being dependent is uncomfortable.

Curious Compassion (03:21)

Wright describes her interpretation of love in the context of therapeutic conversations. Deep suffering can be lessened by love, compassion, and competence. Health professionals must suspend judgement. She asks Ayeesha why she isolates herself.

Feelings of Dependency (03:49)

When leading a therapeutic conversation, the goal is to soften suffering and promote healing. Wright asks Ayeesha and Naina who suffers the most. Wright explains the "one question question" and demonstrates it with the family.

Being Dependent Crushes Ayeesha (03:28)

Ayeesha believes that because she is unable to contribute to the family, she cannot give love back to her caregivers— Wright calls it a "constraining belief". Naina says Ayeesha should stop isolating herself and be open to others.

Conclusion (03:27)

Wright commends each woman and gives recommendations for healing. Strategies include: allowing Ayeesha to contribute to the family and to not automatically dismiss love.

Participant's Feedback (03:21)

Ayeesha realizes that her guilt was keeping her from emotionally healing and Naina understands Ayeesha's perspective better. They both feel their needs are better addressed. Wright summarizes the episode.

Credits: Therapeutic Conversations with Families: What's Love Got to Do with It? (00:18)

Credits: Therapeutic Conversations with Families: What's Love Got to Do with It?

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Therapeutic Conversations with Families: What's Love Got to Do with It?

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Did you know that most nurses have never observed a therapeutic conversation with a family? This program demonstrates an actual therapeutic conversation with a family where love is a powerful healer. Defined is the kind of love that opens space in therapeutic conversation. Specific skills of how to create a context of love and bring forth curious compassion that is devoid of judgment is also offered. Other interventions in the family interview illustrate offering commendations, prescribing a ritual, and encouraging the power of love to heal. The purpose of every therapeutic conversation is to soften suffering and promote healing. This program will assist nurses in doing so by enhancing their confidence and competence when working with families in a context of love. 

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