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Poverty and Food Shortage in Malawi (04:46)


Malawi's self-serving government does little to alleviate the massive human suffering of its people. A dedicated father of six goes without food at times just to pay his daughter's education fees.

Malawi: City vs. Rural Poverty (03:58)

Elena, a widowed mother, struggles to feed her children. Rural families in Malawi often suffer less than those in the cities. A water pump donated by an international aid group increases crop productivity for rural farmers.

Malawi's Slipping Economy (04:23)

International lenders further entrench poverty in Malawi by forcing budget slashes in social welfare programs. Farmers no longer receive agricultural "starter packs," thus increasing the food shortage--and suffering.

Poverty and AIDS Pandemic (04:13)

Hunger and poverty contribute to the spread of AIDS because desperate women sell themselves to buy food for their children. Orphaned by AIDS, a million Malawian children face an uncertain future.

Malawi: Threats to the Land (04:08)

Poverty forces Malawians to destroy the very environment they need for sustenance. Wood and charcoal are cheap fuel sources, but the once wide-ranging natural forests are disappearing as a result. Mono-cropping degrades the land.

Malawi: Dignity of Life (02:44)

Death takes a shocking daily toll among the poor and starving in Malawi. The developed world should provide the fair and equal terms of trade that the dignity of the Malawians and the rest of the developing world deserves.

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Malawi: A Nation Going Hungry

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Poverty, unstable government, and disadvantages in trade have virtually eliminated food security in Malawi. This program explores the African country’s struggles on both a personal and national level, interviewing frustrated civil servants and impoverished citizens, and reflecting widespread despair over WTO policies and the government’s inability to subsidize the agriculture of its own people. Highlighting the additional problems of environmental degradation and AIDS, the program offers a moving glimpse into human lives that revolve around one constant challenge: getting something to eat. (Portions have English subtitles, 26 minutes)

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