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Gender Abuse in Nicaragua (03:40)


Nicaragua is a textbook case of oppression, the Sandinista Revolution, external interference, and internal failings. Latin machismo manifests itself as domestic violence, damaging the lives of men, women, and children.

Nicaraguan Cycle of Abuse (03:11)

Nearly one third of Nicaraguan women are physically or sexually abused by their partners. The Xochilt-Acalt Center teaches women to take control of their lives.

Incest and Violence in Nicaragua (02:46)

A child feels helpless and afraid when her uncle tries to seduce her. In 1993, the Comisarias were established to help women deal with the prevalence of domestic violence and to break the cycle of violence.

Social Role of Men in Nicaragua (04:00)

Men in Nicaragua see themselves as providers, decision makers, and superior beings in the home. If they fail at any of these, they may take their own lives or join gangs. Young men learn to use the power of attraction to take advantage of girls.

Men Against Violence in Nicaragua (04:27)

Men learn how to understand the penchant for violence and how to change their attitudes toward women and power. Women can change their lives as they have more access to resources of all kinds.

Changing Social Roles in Nicaragua (04:45)

The Sandinista did not acknowledge women's rights, making it harder for men to change their attitudes. Both men and women recognize the benefits of changing and healing the old ways of machismo and inequality.

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Nicaragua: Turning Away from Violence

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In Nicaragua, a growing awareness of domestic violence and its consequences has spurred grassroots activism. This program documents the efforts of two groups, the Xochitl-Acatl Women's Center and the Association of Men Against Violence, both of which confront gender and sexual abuse. Arguing that economic and political oppression influence male tendencies to exercise physical authority within the home, the video describes educational campaigns that build financial self-sufficiency and self-esteem in both men and women. Interviews with participants feature more than one success story. (Portions have English subtitles, 26 minutes)

Length: 27 minutes

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Highly recommended for collections on issues in contemporary Nicaragua and for collections on women’s studies.”—Críticas

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