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Struggling with Infertility (02:56)


Jhuma and Niladri have been married for eight years and they have no children. Jhuma's friends and family ask her questions about her ability to conceive; Jhuma feels like an outsider.

Dr. Rama's Institute for Fertility (02:21)

Dr. P. Rama Devi states that in India, having a baby is a top priority in marriage so couples willingly spend money on necessary fertility treatments. She tells a patient they must postpone the implant until next month.

Surrogate Mothers (03:16)

Varalaxmi agreed to be a surrogate mother after her husband left; medical personnel give her a checkup. The new parents will pay more money if Varalaxmi has a boy.

Arranged Marriage (02:28)

Jhuma and Niladri look through wedding photographs; they met for the first time at the ceremony. Niladri's sister was barred from the temple and shunned until she had a baby.

Embryo Implantation (02:33)

A man explains the story of the god Balarama to Jhuma and Niladri. The couple is going to Hyderabad for help with infertility.

In Vitro Fertilization (02:10)

Dr. Rama discusses the acceptance of fertility treatments in India. A woman suffers from premature ovarian failure but is now 21 days pregnant.

Marriage Expectations (05:03)

Jhuma and Niladri travel to Hyderabad; Niladri discusses his family background and conditions for marriage. Jhuma wanted to get a job, but Niladri does not want her to; she plans to be involved with her child. Jhuma is willing to adopt but Niladri is not.

"Selling a Child" (02:47)

Jhuma and Niladri travel by train to Hyderabad. Varalaxmi's husband confronts her about becoming a surrogate mother. He does not approve and threatens to take legal action against the woman who persuaded Varalaxmi.

Hopeful Pregnancy (04:18)

Jhuma and Niladri travel by train to Hyderabad; Jhuma asks Niladri if he talks to his friends about their fertility problems. Jhuma has high expectations for treatment in Hyderabad. They will stay in Hyderabad for two weeks.

Business Transparency (02:38)

Jhuma and Niladri walk to Dr. Rama's Institute for Fertility and discuss the heat. Rama discusses creating concrete business reports with colleagues.

Fertility Patients (02:21)

Varalaxmi watches television with her daughter. A group of men present Dr. Rama with a check for the clinic. Jhuma and Niladri wait in the lobby of fertility clinic.

Seeking IVF Treatment (02:19)

Jhuma and Niladri speak with the medical staff at Dr. Rama's Institute for Fertility. Jhuma's ovaries are producing eggs; the problem may be her fallopian tubes.

Surrogate Floor of the Clinic (03:15)

Varalaxmi discusses the importance of conceiving a child. Sunita discusses surrogacy and her children; locals celebrate Dewali.

Surrogate Patient (02:28)

Jhuma meets a surrogate mother in the waiting room and asks her several questions.

New Family (02:20)

Sunita sees pictures of the baby she delivered and the new parents. The couple takes pictures of the newborn and leaves the hospital with their child.

Conception, a Universal Desire (02:19)

Clinical staff looks at old photographs of Dr. Rama. Dr. Rama discusses her marriage and supporting equality; infertility is a rising trend.

IVF Expense (02:12)

Jhuma and Niladri speak with other patients in the clinic about IVF and adoption. A package of three IVF attempts costs $7,000.

Secondary Infertility (02:49)

Jhuma and Niladri discuss Jhuma's medical history with Dr. Rama. Jhuma's Fallopian tubes are kinked and she will not be able to conceive naturally. Dr. Rama suggests IVF.

Adopt or IVF? (02:20)

Jhuma and Niladri discuss the cost of IVF and Jhuma's relationship with Niladri's family. Jhuma does not know if she wants to adopt.

Surrogacy (03:44)

Sunita meets the English couple and the baby. Varalaxmi would be a surrogate mother again. She discusses her plans for the money she will earn.

Changing Family Goals (03:15)

Niladri likes the independence of women in Hyderabad and has agreed to Jhuma's desire for a job. See an update on Varalaxmi, Sunita, Dr. Rama, Niladri, and Jhuma one year later.

Credits: Mother India (00:38)

Credits: Mother India

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We follow one couple's journey through the painful struggle to overcome their 'curse from the gods' and have a baby. A fascinating insight into the big and frightening fertility industry in India whose massive population is continuing to grow. So why do they want more children? Because Indian society is obsessed with kids. This mentality has resulted in a boom in assisted reproduction techniques, fuelled by the promise of defeating the "curse" of infertility.

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