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Rojava: Syria's Secret Revolution (02:21)


In Rojava, Kurdish radicals are trying to form a mini-state that protects all religions and aims to become self-sufficient. Critics describe it as a one-party state with links to terrorist organizations. Mehran Bozorgnia is granted access to the area. (Credits)

Kurdish Forces (02:09)

Rojava contains three cities: Aleppo, Kobane, and Qamishli. Yazidis arrive in Qamishli to learn how to fight ISIS from the People's Protection Units (YPG). Commander Redur Khalil believes training the Yazidi recruits helps America and England fight the war.

Yazidis Serve on the Frontlines (02:13)

Rojava's weaponry is not the same caliber as ISIS, which pilfered American weapons from captured bases in Iraq. The YPG contains Yazdis, Kurds, Arabs, Christians, and Turks. Aldar Xalil leads the social revolution, calling it an advanced democracy.

Jihadis Want to Eliminate Rojava (02:30)

Turkey calls Rojava a terrorist entity, explaining it has close ties with the PKK. Critics argue that the movement is dominated by PKK ideologues who do not want a democratic Syria, but Xalil denies the assertion. According to the constitution, the top three officers in each municipality must be different ethnicities and requires at least one be female.

Qamishli: Rojava's Biggest City (02:01)

Women are free to dress as they want and there are no religious restrictions on public behavior. Hussain switched from Islam to Christianity, because he felt it was a dictatorship. Meskina loves Rojava but feels she must immigrate to another country for the good of her family.

Everyone Participates in Economic Development (02:02)

Abdul Rahman Hemo describes how the economy is a combination of cooperative and private enterprises. Because they do not levy taxes and their neighbors have placed an embargo on their exports, the state relies on oil sold on the black market. Xalil welcomes a European Parliament fact finding mission.

Fact Finding Mission (03:19)

Members of the European Parliament meet a five year old refugee who was blinded from sun exposure— the boy has since died from his injuries. Meet members of the Asayis, a volunteer militia who patrols Rojava's borders. Sheikh Nafas describes America's duty to protect people in Iraq and help those fighting for human rights.

Tour of the Frontlines (02:33)

The Asayis bring in two suspects accused of planting a roadside bomb. Rojava created homemade tanks out of garbage trucks. In Hasakah, forces are under attack— over 7500 women serve in Rojava's military.

Rojava Forces are Victorious (03:28)

Sheikh Nafas inspects art work created from bullet casings and explains that Yasser Arafat was considered a terrorist. In Derik, Greek Orthodox Rojavans worry that they will die if they remain. Hussain sends his two children to live abroad.

Credits: Secret Revolution (00:15)

Credits: Secret Revolution

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Out of the chaos of Syria's civil war, Kurdish PKK leftists have forged a radical, multi-ethnic mini-state. But with ISIS and Turkey now attacking the PKK leaning groups, how long can this new political geography last?

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