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Athena: Goddess (01:55)


The gods are invincible immortals who are cunning and intelligent; they succumb to love and hate. Athena is more rational and capable of constructing peace.

Athena: Birth (03:24)

Zeus' lover was the nymph Metis. Gaia and Uranus prophesied that the child Metis bore after Athena would dethrone Zeus; Zeus swallowed Metis while she was pregnant with Athena. Zeus suffered severe headaches and with a blow to the head from Hephaestus, Athena was born.

Athena: Virgin Mother (04:52)

Triton educates Athena who becomes friends with is daughter Pallas; Athena accidentally kills her. A victim of Poseidon's trick, Hephaestus attempts to abuse Athena; His semen impregnates Gaia who gives birth to a half man/half snake child; Athena adopts him.

Athena: Conflict (03:12)

The appearance Erichthonius frightens two women to death; Athena takes him to her temple. Zeus tells the gods and goddesses to choose a city that will worship them; Poseidon and Athena want Attica. Cecrops declares Attica will worship the god who gives man the most useful gift.

Athena: Bid for Attica (03:11)

Poseidon and Athena present their gifts to man and the citizens of Attica vote for Athena as their patron goddess. Poseidon vows to submerge the city but Zeus prevents him. The citizens of Attica change the city's name to Athens and Erichthonius becomes king.

Athena: Protector of Heroes and State (03:45)

Athena plays a major role in the success of exploits, including Perseus' defeat of Medusa and the Trojan War. Athena gives mortals the ability to temper bravery with reflection and cunning, the plow and yoke, numbers, and construction skills.

Athena: Jealousy (04:28)

Athena, in disguise, visited Arachne and found her to be arrogant and boastful. Arachne was horrified when she discovered the old woman was Athena and committed suicide. Athena poured a potion on Arachne's body, turning her into a spider.

Credits: Athena, Armed Wisdom— The Great Greek Myths (00:32)

Credits: Athena, Armed Wisdom— The Great Greek Myths

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Athena, Armed Wisdom—The Great Greek Myths

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The Goddess of War Athena was the wisest, most level headed and rational deity. She was born out of Zeus’ skull, wearing a helmet and holding a spear. She was the protector of heroes, the State, and mankind, to whom she passed on many inventions. She was also a very beautiful woman, who attracted a great deal of attention, including that of the lame god Hephaestus. She regularly clashed with her arch-rival Poseidon. At Poseidon’s expense, she won the vote of the people of Athens. Athena experienced jealousy on just the one occasion: the young woman Arachne, an expert weaver, claimed she could weave better than anybody else – including Athena. For a God, even the highly reasonable Athena, this proved difficult to bear.

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