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Bellerophon (02:00)


Hipponous accidentally kills his brother and worries how he will obtain the gods' forgiveness. He changes his name to Bellerophon.

Bellerophon: Seduction (03:18)

Bellerophon was the grandson of a mortal criminal. After accidentally killing his brother, he sought refuge from King Proetus. Proetus offered him a home in his palace; Queen Stheneboea attempted to seduce Bellerophon.

Bellerophon: Punishment (02:53)

Queen Stheneboea accuses Bellerophon of attempted rape and King Proetus sends Bellerophon to King Iobates. Iobates sends Bellerophon on a mission to kill a monster.

Bellerophon: Mythical Creatures (02:25)

Bellerophon consults a seer to learn how to defeat the Chimera. He must capture Pegasus to defeat the monster from the air. Athena gifts Bellerophon with the golden bridle and location of Pegasus.

Bellerophon: Pegasus (02:37)

Bellerophon finds Pegasus at the Fountain of Pirene. He uses the golden bridle and the two fly to the Chimera's den. Bellerophon defeats the Chimera.

Bellerophon: Demigod? (03:19)

Bellerophon receives a hero's welcome from all but King Iobates who asks him to fight the Solami; Bellerophon vanquishes the barbarians. Iobates questions Bellerophon's origins but sends him to fight the Amazons; Bellerphon is again victorious.

Bellerophon: Good Deeds Rewarded (03:23)

Bellerophon kills the soldiers Iobates sent to kill him and confronts the king. Iobates shows Bellerophon the message from King Proetus and makes reparations to show his respect of the demigod. Pegasus punished Queen Stheneboea.

Bellerophon: Discounting the Gods (04:52)

Bellerophon had three children and became king of Lycia. He hated Poseidon and declared the gods had no business in the affairs of mortals. Bellerophon mounts Pegasus in an attempt to gain admittance to Mount Olympus; Bellerophon crashes into a thorn bush.

Credits: Bellerophon, The Man Who Wanted To Be A God—The Great Greek Myths (00:30)

Credits: Bellerophon, The Man Who Wanted To Be A God—The Great Greek Myths

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Bellerophon, The Man Who Wanted To Be A God—The Great Greek Myths

Part of the Series : The Great Greek Myths
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Bellerophon, the grandson of Sisyphus, one of the Greek world’s worst criminals, dreamt of becoming a hero, of being equal to the Gods. But his plans got off to a bad start with the accidental murder of his brother. Forced into exile, he took refuge in Tyrins. But there too, nothing went according to plan: accused of rape by Queen Stheneboea, he left to visit the King of Lycia, who in a bid to get rid of him, imposed fearsome challenges on him. Bellerephon was victorious, thanks to Pegasus the horse, but he subsequently committed the sin of pride, boasting to the priests that he was singlehandedly responsible for his own success. For Zeus, claiming to be equal to the Gods was an unpardonable error, so he caused Bellerophon to fall, which resulted in him going blind.

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