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Dionysus: Excess (01:03)


Dionysus loved revelry and dressing as a woman. A procession of nymphs and satyrs followed him everywhere.

Dionysus: Parentage (02:56)

Dionysus was different from others his age. Zeus disguised himself as a man and seduced Semele. Hera posed as Semele's nursemaid and suggested she ask Zeus to prove himself.

Dionysus: Birth (03:38)

Zeus revealed his god form and the palace caught fire. Semele gave birth before she died and Hermes placed Dionysus inside Zeus' thigh. Three months later Zeus entrusted his son's care to Ino but Hera found out; Hermes took Dionysus to the nymphs on Mount Nyssa.

Dionysus: Wandering God (04:45)

Dionysus invented wine and traveled the world with a noisy retinue revealing his invention. King Lycurgus arrested the Maenads and pursued Dionysus to the sea where Thetis hide the god. Dionysus cursed the land of Thrace until Lycurgus' death.

Dionysus: Conquering Journey (02:07)

Dionysus traveled to India to punish those who disrespected the gods in exchange for admittance to Mount Olympus; the inhabitants fell under his spell. Dionysus wanted to conquer Thebes.

Dionysus: City of Thebes (02:12)

King Pentheus found the affect Dionysus had on women shocking. Dionysus told the story of his birth but the citizens denounced him and chased him out of the city. Dionysus took refuge on Mount Cithaeron.

Dionysus: Revenge (03:36)

Dionysus gathered his retinue and descended into Thebes, driving the women to madness; they joined the Maenads. Later, a disguised Dionysus convinced Pentheus to dress as a woman and help him rescue the women; the women attacked the king.

Dionysus: "Other" (02:02)

The women regained their senses and returned to the city where Dionysus waited. He warns the women about rejecting their dark side; welcome the unforeseen.

Dionysus: Recognized God (02:50)

Dionysus spread joy and fear throughout the world. He took Ariadne to Mount Olympus and married her. Dionysus worship became a part of Greek life.

Credits: Dionysus, An Outsider In The City—The Great Greek Myths (00:31)

Credits: Dionysus, An Outsider In The City—The Great Greek Myths

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Dionysus, An Outsider In The City—The Great Greek Myths

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Zeus had a reputation for being a seducer of women. One day he lay with a mortal - Semele, the daughter of the king of Thebes. Their son Dionysus did not immediately join Olympus on account of his dual identity. Dionysus was brought up by nymphs. One day he discovered the vine, and decided to travel the world teaching mankind the art of making wine out of it. He was an errant, wandering God, and was often considered marginal. He left for Thrace, and then for India, accompanied by a noisy procession of Maenads and Silenus. He often aroused the suspicion of the people he encountered, and they sometimes rejected him. In Thebes, his birth city, he wanted to make his voice heard, that of the “Other,” the different one. His message of tolerance and openness, his encouragement of poetry, theater, cross-dressing, and festivities, all slowly but surely became a cult – that of the God Dionysus.

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