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Hades: Underworld (03:48)


Charon ferries shadows across the River Styx to the land of the dead, for a price. A three-headed dog guards the gates to the underworld.

Hades: Lord of the Dead (03:06)

Hades, son of Cronus and Rhea, received the kingdom of the dead when is brother Zeus decided to share the universe with his brothers. Hades governs the souls of the dead without mercy, sending them to one of three paths in the underworld.

Hades: Ruling in Isolation (03:06)

Hades has no monuments on the surface. He rarely leaves his kingdom and gains knowledge about the surface from souls. Hades encounters Persephone and falls in love.

Hades: Persephone's Disappearance (03:29)

Hades asks Zeus for Persephone's hand in marriage; Zeus provides an equivocal reply. Hades snatches Persephone and carries her into the underworld. Demeter asks about Persephone but nobody will tell her what happened.

Hades: Terms of the Underworld (03:34)

Demeter searches for Persephone and learns she is with Hades. Hades refuses to return Persephone and Demeter curses the Earth with sterility until her return. Hades agrees to let Persephone return if she has not eaten food from the underworld.

Hades: Queen of the Underworld (02:45)

Demeter refuses to return to Olympus and keeps the Earth sterile. The gods agree that Persephone will spend winters in the underworld and the rest of the year with Demeter. Hades and Persephone are happy in the underworld.

Hades: Who is Hades? (05:00)

Hades is not evil and does not engage in torture; the Erinyes persecute their victims in the underworld. Hades reigns over the kingdom he never wanted and occasionally provides indulgences.

Credits: Hades, A Reluctant King—The Great Greek Myths (00:30)

Credits: Hades, A Reluctant King—The Great Greek Myths

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Hades, A Reluctant King—The Great Greek Myths

Part of the Series : The Great Greek Myths
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Having become organizer of the world, Zeus entrusted the world of the sea to his brother Poseidon, and the underworld, or the kingdom of the dead, to Hades. Alone, in a place he had not chosen himself, Hades reigned over the people of the shadows and over the grimacing creatures that surrounded him. One day, having left his kingdom to breathe a little air on the surface, he crossed paths with the beautiful Persephone, with whom he fell in love - and abducted her. Her mother, Demeter, the Goddess of Agriculture and Harvest, was beside herself with grief. When she heard her daughter had been abducted, she threatened to render the earth barren and the fields impossible to cultivate. Caught between Hades’ desire and love for the young girl, and Demeter’s resolution and sadness, Zeus had to settle the dilemma swiftly.

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