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Forceps Delivery (05:26)


Though uncommon today, forceps may be used in situations of fetal compromise, maternal exhaustion, excessive bleeding, or if the mother is unable to push. Hear prerequisites and contraindications for the procedure, risks to both mother and baby, and forceps types recommended by ACOG.

Vacuum Extraction (02:29)

Vacuum extraction is more common than forceps delivery, but indications and risks are the same. Soft, sylastic cups are attached to the posterior fontanelle to deliver the head. Nurses obtain informed consent, provide analgesia, assist the physician, and provide patient education.

Shoulder Dystocia (02:03)

Shoulder dystocia means the shoulders of the fetus are having difficulty negotiating the pelvic outlet due to presentation or size. The anterior shoulder becomes lodged under the symphysis pubis. Learn about the McRoberts and suprapubic pressure maneuvers.

Cesarean Section (05:58)

Emergency C-sections are stressful for the family and require rapid action by the nursing staff. Informed consent is required and a nurse trained in neonatal resuscitation must attend. Learn about circulating, scrub, neonatal, and labor and delivery nurse duties.

Credits: Assisted Delivery and Cesarean Section: Obstetrical Nursing (00:33)

Credits: Assisted Delivery and Cesarean Section: Obstetrical Nursing

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Assisted Delivery and Cesarean Section: Obstetrical Nursing

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This video differentiates between forceps and vacuum extraction, considering the pros and cons of each. It defines dystocia, explains when a cesarean section may become necessary, and looks at who should be present and what actions should be taken in case of a cesarean birth.

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